How hot is too hot for working ?

Well we had the too wet for working -- how about too hot ?

Personally i find the late 20s hard going for physical work and machinery work -- but i think i draw the line at 30 plus - sure sat on a ride on in your sunnies fine -- but heavy strimming , hedge cutter work and digging ?

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    There's no law for minimum or maximum working temperatures, eg when it's too cold or too hot to work. However, guidance suggests a minimum of 16ºC or 13ºC if employees are doing physical work. There's no guidance for a maximum temperature limit.
    Workplace temperatures - GOV.UK
    There is no law for a minimum or maximum temperature, but during working hours the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings must be reasonable
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    having previously been a chef -- ive been in kitchens in summer when extractors have failed for several days and working temps have been in the plus 40s -- ive even seen plastic wall and roofing buckle and twist it was so hot -- but i wouldnt do that anymore -- in the 40s your mind starts to slow down and the volume of sweat makes it impossible to perform basic tasks. 

    different to outdoors though where the sun is beating down -- ive cancelled todays strimming job because its IMO too hot to get the gear on and lug the fs400 around a south facing field 

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    Today is too hot, 31C where I am, decided it will get hotter this afternoon and have gone home. 

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      I'm just going out! Had to take wife to Sheffield hospital just got back and a hedge to cut! Not happy but only an hour then home.
      On the mowing side I don't mind the walk behinds or even the ride on but the big ransomes don't like 30 degrees plus! Dusty ground means dusty radiator which mean too hot. Stopping every 30 mins to blow radiator out and clean grass screens is no fun.
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    43 degrees on my temperature gauge in the garden I'm at now, not going to complain, better than rain...
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    We kept at it today, digging out a 20 square metres pond down a metre..... we just kept liquids near us and got the job done!
  • Striming all day yesterday, and strimming and mowing all day today. Much better than rain. As someone else said lots of fluids and work steadily.

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    Lets enjoy it while we can. We only get around 4 months of decent weather in this country. 

    I just get on with it and enjoy the sun.

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    Today was tough for me but did a 9 hour day. Was around 30 in the shade. I was in full sun for most of it.

    Days like today I don't think are rain would be any worse or any better, on a parr.

    I was digging borders into a lawn and edging
    • Had a couple of hours spare after last ride on job of the day and could have gone to to do a high hedge or cold shower.

      Cold shower won and then a cheeky 9 holes at the club after supper with the good lady :-)

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