Honda HRX 537?

Hi, I need to replace my Toro 22186te. I am considering the above and wondered if it is a good move? I tried one at my local dealer and it is a bit faster. down side is I would have to fold it everytime I put it in the side door of my van as it's longer than Toro. Any HRX experienced operators findings welcome!

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  • Hi Tom,

    I recently changed my John Deere fleet for HRXs. So far so good!

    They are quick and deadly solid.  Really robust mower.  A few folk complain that they're a tad weighty but I like it.  The engine and gear box perform and all the parts are well built and dont have a cheap or fragile feel.

    I honestly believe the HRX will perform a lot better than the Toro! HOWEVER, handles do not fold.  Could cause problems for you! When purchasing mine I had to take handles off with socket... We work with mowers in trailer hence no day to day issues.

    • PRO

      I have several 'HRX' and the handles fold on all of them. Purchased the most recent 3 weeks ago.

    • The HRX's fold, perhaps you have the pro model?

  • PRO

    I have had mine for probably about 5 years and love it!! I have a transporter and to make it fit in the side door I put the back wheels up to the highest setting and it just about fits without folding the handle down.

    • Apologies gents, I have confused my HRH pro spec with the hrx. I have had an hrx on loan before though- cracking mower!

      Sorry for confusion.. Should have been sleeping!
      • haha! thought that! HRH seems to be the go-to mower for commercial, but with a few less features than the HRX, 

  • Thanks for the info guys, I think I will go for it, The dealer will do me 20% off which takes its down from eye watering 1200 odd to 1060. the toro was short so fitted in my Scudo without folding. I think the slight inconvenience of folding the HRX will be made up with it's pace and other features.


  • PRO Supplier

    Loved my HRX  - the most versatile, quality mower I had - make sure you keep moving the sliding chute cover back and forth regularly as it gets stuck easily with dead grass....

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