Hi I have just bought an old Hayter to get nice stripes in customers lawns. Only paid £25 for it. It wasnt running good at all. I have cleaned and stripped the carb. Cleaned and reset the ignition coil. It now runs as it should. I have another problem. The drive sticks on when not engaged. I have renewed the cable and adjusted it and still does it no matter what I try, it does disengage after a few tries when the engine isnt running. Has anyone had the same problems. Is there a away to fix this please help.

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    You may have to take the gearbox to bits if it's been sat it may need freeing up and oiling
    • Thanks for the reply. Was thinking that was the way to go, but how to get in there. Are there covers under deck? I'm gonna be giving the deck a coat of paint as a lot of the green paint has come off. I think the mower was sat 6 months or so. The choke didn't work until I sorted that. It now starts after 3 pulls before it wasn't even doing that. Thanks again

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        Just to clarify I've not even used one but just following my pattern of fixing things as in start simple and then move down the list.
        So you done cables.
        Next try and free/make sure the lever is free as Briggs says. Then if not that rip into gear box and it may jump out at you what's wrong.
        I does sound like something is rusted or just very tight somewhere
        • I think its the lever the cable hook goes into under the deck. As when I put my hand under there I couldn't move it easily. I service all my own machinery so hopefully I can sort this out with yours and briggs help. Thanks

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          May be wrong, but I'm not 100% sure this mower has a gearbox? It's all belts and pulleys with a chain connected to the rear roller that drives it from a side drive system off the main engine, the cog is continually running when engine is running, when you pull the drive handle the pulleys take up the slack and off you go. Could be completely wrong though...
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            If that's the case maybe the runner/rail which the pulley slides along is rusty and needs freeing up?
            If you open up its probably worth changing whatever belts are in there.
            Get yourself some spray grease but don't go mad with it!
  • The cable connects to a lever with a pulley on it. When engaged this takes up slack in the v belt and engages the drive and a spring pulls it back again when you disengage the drive.

    The pulley lever is more than likely partially seized so when you disengage the drive it still keeps going.

    Its best to take the lever off, clean the moving part ( I can't remember if it has a bush or not) and pack it with grease. However with old Hayters  there is a high chance that the bolt securing the lever will snap when you try to undo it. You will then need to drill it out and tap a new thread.

    Another option is to just keep squirting it with UB40 and try free it up in situ.

    While you're at it, check the return spring is still there as they sometimes fall off giving similar symptoms.

    All the above presumes you have an old shape Hayter.

    • Hi thanks its deffo and old shape hayter. How is best to get in there please. pic of the mower

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        Zooming in on that pic it looks like the lever will be in a not brilliant state so work at that first.
        • Hi again thats the pic they sent me sunday evening I picked up the mower today. I have since put a new cable on. I have spoken to the guy who sold it to me and he said was very hard to start and the drive did keep sticking hence the cable broke on him. I have a mate near me who might have a spare lever too

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