Help me close the Bank of Dad

My daughter Ellie, is writing her dissertation on "Consumer awareness in relation to online privacy, and the use of cookies". 
 Would you please spare a few moments to fill in the survey to help her get a good data set for the dissertation.…

Thank you


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    Done. About 10 questions too long though to hold your attention. Not really a criticism more an observation!
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    I have just completed the survey.

    On this IPad looking at this Landscape Juice page in between your post and this reply box there is currently a advert for a hollow tine aerator being sold on EBay thanks to the cookies.

    I have paid for an ad blocker on my desktop as I find it all too intrusive whilst I am doing office work, however I'm still tolerating it on this cellular Ipad and my phone as although they are both work equipment as I find the adverts easier to ignore and less annoying. Although I'm not sure I can explain why.

    I am sure the desktop runs quicker with the Adblocker installed, it is amazing just how many adverts there are on some websites that need to load before you can use that webpage.

    So now if I look at some newspaper and similar websites on my desktop I get messages and limited access as they say I am cutting off their revenue from advertising and expecting to read their website for free, when it is their source of income. So I just use this IPad instead!

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    Now I have an advertisement for the fencing panels I viewed online last night, it gets to be a bit of a haunting experience!

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      Completed and all the best to Ellie  Adam

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    Completed :)

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      hate this state of affairs we are in 

      my misses looks at underwear on her phone and next day i have adverts for them all over my yahoo mail etc 

      its very distracting first thing in the morning 

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    Who ate all the cookies?

    I'm not concerned as I use a VPN ;)

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    We have both used Ad-Blockers for over 15 years.  It drives Facebook mad:-))

    But we also use Firefox, which whilst may allow cookies to be placed then deletes them when the browser is closed including the LSO cookies.

    And on my phone I have my location turned off apart from when I might use a map. And have Ad-Blockers on the phone.

    In addition we use No-Script, which blocks all scripts running unless you specifically allow them.  This speeds up page load massively, which is always useful in Rural areas with ever so slow download speeds.

    Up shot of this, I don't see many ads, ever. And now we don't have a TV, I don't waste my time, my electricity, my life watching ads for product & services that I have NO interest in.

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