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I wanted to introduce myself and reach out to the community. I am one of the co-founders of fastgardener and gained experience in the landscaping industry at a South London gardening firm.
Our company helps clients book professional gardeners through our online and mobile app. We help gardeners increase the number of bookings they take and makes the invoicing and collection process easy.
I've read with interest the comments made about services like this, our competitors, and can appreciate that this is not for all gardeners - particularly those with already overbooked weekly rounds. For others, this service can really work out well to fill spare capacity or take on more work.
We're continually updating our product, technology and business and hope we're on track to building an app that really helps and benefits gardeners as well as our customers.
Sorry to say that we can't promise an abundance of bookings waiting for you when you join the platform - not straight away. What we can promise is that by signing up to the platform we'll get stronger and over time the quality and value of the work we can pass to you will get better. So will our product.
We've some big plans and we want to create a product that really helps customers get the most from their garden and make managing & maintaining gardens easier for the professionals who do it.
I welcome all comments or questions that you have for this type of service, or anything else you want to say.
Thank you all. Look forward to hearing from you.

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            • Richard, you increase the fees your landlords or tenants pay, in order to pay a commission to the estate agent who put you up for the work??

              That's a very dubious practice on their part, as they are already charging a management fee to the landlord and tenant! I believe it breaches ARLA's code?

              • PRO
                I could not agree more and had this very argument with them! They would not budge so I just price it high.
                It's not ideal but I'm not paying it out if my normal pricing as it would then not be worth it.
                I'm sure the landlords would be mightily peed off if they knew.
                I was also made to sign a non contact contract so as not to approach the landlords direct.
              • PRO
                I looked it up last night and it seems it's ok for the commission as long as the landlord is told how much!
                • I had this with a large national chain, but all the contractors refused to go along with it.

                  Personally, I've had as much work over the years from tenants and landlords as from the agents, so I'm wary of pricing differently. It's a grey area though, if they are supposed to agree a commission with the landlords!

                  • PRO
                    What's also interesting is that it says they are supposed to have funds in place from the landlords before instructing tradespeople to do work. What happens is that I/we end up waiting for rent money to arrive from the tenants.
                    I have an email from them telling me that this is the way it HAS to be yet the official document says otherwise.
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            A free 3mth trial or 10+ leads initially is the only way.
        • PRO
          Thank you
      • PRO
        Which part of my experience / view did you not agree with?
      • PRO

        But does he come from 'our' background Gary?

        I don't think for a moment he has ever worked within our industry?

        • PRO

          When I started out I did not come from this 'industry and I'm not sure if it really matters - if the service offered has USP's and gets taken up by consumers and contractors with everyone clear about what is being offered.

          What I find disingenuous is the lack of professional courtesy and negativity being displayed in certain posts. In fact, I find it appalling.

This reply was deleted.

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