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    I picked up a HS45 24inch at the beginning of this season after years of working with the bigger/pro HS82R, well this year the HS82 has not seen the light of day, the 45 is up to any trimming I throw at it, yes the vibes are not great but it's light and easy to throw about making it a pleasure to work with on a daily basis...
  • I recently bought the HS82, to run alongside a Stihl combi.
    Eats much tougher stuff but good god, if i used it all day my arm would fall off!!
    Mainly bought it for the tighter areas where a long combi is awkward.
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      I also run those machines. This morning I had a hedge reduction, the hs82 chomped through it- with a little help from the polesaw, but my arms and back knew about it. This afternoon, got the long reach Kombi to do shrubs, hedges etc. and breezed it. To be fair, I wouldn't be without either, I take your point about the weight of the hs82 but it certainly gets things done.

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    Another vote for the HS45 with 24 inch blades. You should be able to pick one up for under £200. 

  • Look around and shop about .There's store in send in Guildford. That sell stihl machinery at stock price .
    They also advertise as a hire shop.
  • Hire shop southern ltd
    Send in Guildford

    These people sell brand new rather cheaply.
  • The best thing I've ever bought was the 'Easy Lift Harness'. To use a hedge cutter and have no strain on your arms is fantastic. 

    As to the hedge cutter, I have the HS 56. It is an exceptional machine. It's a real step up from the HS 45. The HS 56 is very light and will cut through anything you show it. The list price is £450 but most dealers will sell for the pre-vat list price, so I payed £375. That's more than the £300 mentioned, but it's well worth the extra £75.

    The blade sets for the HS56 are quite cheap, so will last many years.

  • Thanks for the advice guys, going for the hs45.
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      I've got one too good machine but if you can don't use it for long periods of time as the vibes are horrible. You don't notice them too much until you use the big pro machines. Then if you go back as I do timeto time it's horrible. Still has a place though as it's light
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    I completely agree with hs45, got mine from tools today . com, bargain and free delivery. just run it in gently like the book says.. have had to return cheaper products due to not running them in and the h45 is perfect to work with all day, i've had it 2 months and its payed for it self 2 times over. quality product

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