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    Stihl Special Biocleaner or see a friendly car valeter and get some G101 (or buy 5L yourself - diluted it last ages).

    What ever you use, wear at least latex gloves or better still chem gloves. They all strip grease and natural oils out of your skin so beware.

    Both are good at cleaning exterior of machinery, fullstop.

    • Be realistic here...... how many people are going to put on latex gloves to apply blade lubricant?  Its in a spray bottle so there's no necessity for it even to come near your skin. On this basis, you should put gloves on to refuel machinery :)

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        Geoff, I suggest you read my post abovefully

        The advice to wear gloves relates to using harsh cleaning chemicals, nothing was mentioned about wearing gloves to lubcricate unless you bend over when you do yours the nicest possible way :)

  • You should lubricate the blades prior to use and periodically throughout the day. I tend to lubricate the blades when I refuel. At the end of the job, brush off the clippings on the blades and then spray with WD40 or some light oil. You can use Stihl resin/sap remover as well as mentioned by Gary.
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      If you're cutting dry/dusty hedges, like elaeagnus, I'd spraying with WD or Telflon very 5-10min or the blades end up warm and binding.

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        I've tried spray grease this year and it works well. It's just like wd40 but thicker so it stays on blades much longer
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    Thanks for the replies. I will try the G101 we have a local auto smart stockist. I had seen the stihl cleaner but seems expensive for such a small amount.
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    I was once recommended one part petrol to one part oil. The petrol does the cleaning and the oil obviously lubricates.
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      I would be wary of using petrol as it likes to explode!
      If you want to do that spray some diesel on the blades as that would work but not likely to explode!
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