Hayter 48 engine cuts out in long grass....

I have a Hayter Harrier 48 push mower. Its a year old, but I'm a gardener, so it gets a lot of use.

In the last few days, as soon as I get in to any long grass that it cant handle, instead of clogging up, then dieing, it just dies immediatly, with no warning. Is this a sign that the engine is on its way out, or is it repairable, and if so, whats the problem?

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  • what is the blade like (condition and sharpness) sounds like it just wraps around the blade and dies

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    Likely partially blocked carburettor main jet - ie the machine is underfuelling and whilst it can manage in most conditions, when extra fuel is needed, its not getting supplied and it stops.

    If you have no experience of carbs, best take it to your dealer as they can be fiddly and precise tools are needed to ensure the small brass jets don't get damaged.

    Could also be a spot of water in the carb jets or float bowl.

    Or the fuel or air filters could be clogged - fuel filter is (from memory) in the fuel tank but is not very fine - I always used to fit an in-line filter between tank and carb in the days I ran Hayters which alleviated most but not all such problems.

    That's a few options for you to try (or get checked out depending on your level of mechanical expertise).

    Hope it helps.

  • The blade is fine. I sharpened it only the other week.

    I will have a look at the air and fuel filters and the carburettor. I already use an additional fuel filter.

  • I'd imagine the governor needs adjusting/repairing.......when the engine is under load, it should open the throttle automatically to keep the same revs so the engine doesn't stall. .  I don't think the engine's had it! Have a quick look first though.... you might find some debris jammed in the mechanism or one of the governor springs could have become detached or broken.   If you're not mechanically minded, I'd just get a dealer to have a look at it.

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