Hayter 41 pro ?

Hi has anybody got one of these mowers yet ? thinking of buying one but looking to see if they have improved the wet grass collecting ability !! I see a Honda engine is a step in the right direction !! look's a handy machine !

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    Took delivery of one on Wednesday last week, only has a couple of days use out if it so far.

    Like the half throttle and full throttle settings, it is fast, perhaps a bit too fast self propelled around border edges, maybe I'll get used to that. 

    Picks up well, cut a couple on Thursday in the rain, had been raining all morning. Pickup was good, still get the odd full chute of wet grass after stopping to empty. Gave it a quick clean out and carried on. 

    Much much better wet pickup than HRD's and Izy's I am used to. Need a few weeks running to get a real feel for its abilities.

    This one was cut in the rain

    • Cheers for the reply Scott ! I'm looking for a new machine and it's a minefield out there I like the look of this one ! I wonder if Hayter will copy this design into their 48 and 56 pro models ?? seeing as they have such negative feedback for picking up wet grass !! 

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        Spoke to the technical people before purchase, they are a bit cagey about the larger ones, said something about the deck design not being finalised yet, and don't expect them this year.

        Thinking about going the Viking roller route for larger lawns and wet grass, just not committed yet. They are a lot of money and reviews are mixed.

        • Hi Scott I bought a couple of worn out Viking mowers to get me started the one thing I like about them is the grass collection but they do seem a bit flimsy but it's not fair for me to give them a "negative" rating as they were well used and abused when I got them I just like the look of the Hayters !! The Hayter will be my first "brand new mower" It's interesting that Hayter are revamping the 48 and 56 ! I'll buy the 41 for now and wait for the equivalent bigger mower I only have the one really large lawn just now so hopefully Hayter will get the bigger mowers out for next season :)

  • Looking for new mowers is a minefield, I have had Hayters on the past and they are well built but they don't seem to pick up the grass as well as other makes.  I have a Mountfield at the moment with a Honda engine and can't fault it, it copes well in the wet and is well made.  That said its only me who uses it and i'm not sure how it would cope with employees using it.  I'm looking at getting either another mountfield or a Husqvarna.  The Husky  has 190 cc Kawaski engine, a throtle leaver which most don't now and single leaver height adjustment.  I have looked at Lawnflite and Weibang but they all have individual height settings on the wheels which to me just looks like a pain.

  • Hi I have been using mine now for 2 months ,hasn't let me down yet very robust machine and very well powered , as mentioned is a bit to fast on full throttle but as Run in and cables stretching isn't as bad ! Have used in pouring rain and never failed to pick up well
    • Sounds good, have you had an experience with the R53s?

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        I run 3 x Hayter R53s and a Honda Izy 21" HRG 536 with Smart Drive. (i also run a 16" Izy for smaller stuff which is excellent in the wet)

        The Honda is better built and picks up in the wet better but not perfect. I use the Honda from March thu to June.

        I then use the R53s thru summer as i refer the personal pace on these, they are effortless to use, cut better up to borders, cut lower and have key start ..... However there is a big BUT .... and that the handles have a week point and have a habit of bending if running up and down a ramp into the van. Ive had mine reinforced to get over this. 

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          My izy 16 inch is rubbish if it's wet!!
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            How strange .... Mine is used only small domestic stuff and never very long grass. 

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