Hayter 56 replacement

Hi all,

our old hayter 56 with the full body width grass collector has died with a driveshaft problem and our mechanic says he can't source the parts anymore.

So what would people recommend as a replacement. We already have a KAAS Honda 21" (roller) and an Etesia 53 duocut for rougher/wet work.

Must be quick and leave a fine stripe finish.

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    My modern hayter is good but the usual issues re wet grass collection discussed here before.
  • We have 2 x Hayter 48's and a 56.  Our next exchange will be an Atco Liner 19 or 22.  Apparently a more efficient wet grass collector.  

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    If you want to keep it going try as they can source old parts not sure if they will have what you need but worth a try if you like the mower still.
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    My only experience with roller mowers is my Viking, but it's great. Not as heavy as some of the rollers, so not a defined stripe, but collects in all conditions. I have come to the conclusion that stihl copied etesias deck and blade to be honest.

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      I don't think so- I have both and the mulch blades are completely different. Plus the Viking doesn't mulch nearly as well. The Viking 655s are quick with variable speed. I have the wheeled version, a friend has three roller models and one has been back twice already with roller issues.

      For thick wet grass, Kaaz is the ultimate.

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        My kaaz (well lawnflite pro) is c*** in thick wet grass. That's the roller version. Unless I cut it 2-3 times reducing height it just blocks up!
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    Hi Richard,

    thanks for the link - I've also found someone on ebay that has the driveshaft part, but it's only available used, and is a common failure point, so could go anytime. So not sure if it will be worth fixing for me once ancillaries and labour are included.

    Graham, what model viking do you have? How many hours use a week are you doing?

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      Hi Andrew, sorry I missed your question. I have the 650 VR, but the 655 VR is better apparently. To be honest it doesn't get used too much, probably 3 or 4 hours a week. Most of my lawns have steps and other access problems, so I'm mostly using smaller mowers. It does a great job so far, but I can't comment on it's longevity yet. Collection is flawless though.

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    My mechanic is recomending the Weibang 56 pro, but can't give a demo as he's not a big dealer. He has to buy them in order for a customer. Obviously I'd prefer a demo, but I've know the mechanic for a long time and trust his judgement.

    Any users out there?

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      Andrew, probably not much help to you though...

      I bought a 21" Kaaz roller this year, I'm finding it heavy for smaller lawns having moved up from a hayter 48... I'm now thinking using the kaaz on the larger lawns and using the push estia on the smaller / tighter lawns.

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