Happy new year to all members here in LJN!Looking for some local knowledge from people around the Glasgow/Lanarkshire areas about Disposals.We have a good contact for disposal of green waste which only costs £15 per load.However they don't accept sods or dirt/soil so we need to take this to the local authorities recycling centre at a cost of £145 per load which when you are only removing a slight amount from a customers property we would like to try and avoid, does anyone know of anywhere in the area that will take this type of waste cheaper?We have a few good sized paving jobs coming up and would ideally like to save a little on the disposal... yes I know we can claim the costs back on tax but at the end of the day that doesn't pay bills.

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    Kelvin Valley turf. Steve is the owner, soil/rubble and green waste but not mixed together. £20 a load I think. You will find the number online he is located between Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch

    I use 2 places closer to Paisley and greenock.
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    Do you use a grab service?
    • Hi Matt,
      Thanks I'll have a look at that mate!
      No we don't we usually just load up and head down to the recycling centre mate
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        We probably use the same places as Matt!!

        Grab is definitely the way to go on bigger jobs.

        Sepa are cracking down on most of these dump sites at the moment in our area.
        What have done is to have a skip at our yard where we put our mixed waste in and try to separate other waste. So if we have 0.5 of a load we go to the yard to make it a full load. If you could site a skip some where it would save you a fortune on the smaller jobs.

        Need your waste carriers licence as well and to watch what weight your caring about. We got done for being over weight recently., again this is being clamped down on in Renfrewshire .

        We use phr services for grab and concrete disposal.

        • Thanks Richard,
          I know there is no way around the waste carriers license as even if we are carrying a couple of off cuts from fencing they are classed as waste.

          We don't mind paying the full £145 per load if it's a garden clear out with multiple types of waste but if it's just a tonne of sods and soil I'd rather save both us and the customer the money.

          Roughly how much is the grab service?
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            I pay £150+vat a load 16 -18 tonnes. We use a least once a week..
            • That's good to know for our bigger jobs Richard.
              Thanks for the details!
  • I would go with grab hire as well for soil. Do you know of any green waste places near East Kilbride I use gp recycling between EK and Hamilton but going by your prices he is a bit expensive
    • Hi Graeham

      GP are in high Blantyre way arnt they? We use them for green waste i.e. Grass and tree trimmings, do they take soil, sods and muck as well?
    • GP Charge us £20 a load for grass and trimmings
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