at present i run a JD x748 with a high lift collector. good machine. is there anything that will do a better job. like to be able to stripe lawn, unable to with the JD without towing a roller. interested in what others run and think of there machines. have used a iseki. and was not happy with it  throttle pedal was very heavy and was getting sore knee by end of day. i cut on one site alone 5 acres of lawns. is there any zero turns will fit the job. needs to be 6ft cut. or will take to long to cut

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    Are you sure you can even get 6ft collectors? I can't recall seeing any? 6ft is very big for a single deck machine.
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      The £40k plus Gianni Ferrari Turbo 450 or the Iseki SF 450. I think the 748 was only a 54 inch deck?

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        Just had a look at the gianni website and it seem they go to 5ft on the new ones.
        going past 5ft makes the transport harder and must make cutting short hard as it won't like lumps and bumps!
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          Oh right I read the 180 deck as 180cm wide not 170. But yes I agree won't deal with much but nice flat open spaces.

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            You might be right I only saw decks up to 150! Still bloody big!
            One of the cylinder mowers I have is 6ft and has boxes but no high dump and not really big enough unless grass is short to begin with!
  • Hi there, I just came across your post and thought it be worth me replying. I work for a deaer in the North of England selling groundcare machinery. Going off what you are describing you would like a mower to do I think it might be worth you having a look at the Amazone PH1250i Profi-hopper. I am yet to find a machine that can beat this when it comes to cutting and collecting and also leaving a defined stripe on the area of cut land. It is a outfront flail with an auger feed system up to the high lift collector, which makes it extremely difficult to block, even in wet long grass. The machine can also be fitted with scarifying blades for added versatility. It is 4wd with zero turn manuveribility. Comes with a hefty price tag of nearly 28k and around 12 - 14k for a good second hand unit. Anyway sorry to butt in, hope this helps.
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      That sounds like an interesting machine. Don't feel like you are butting in:)
    • typo error its a 62inch deck not 6ft. it has a JD high lift collector can not think of the collectors model number something says its a csc780. it has a fan on collector that sucks the grass into collector. via a tube. is a good machine. but not a fan of damp or wet grass. will block up so have to take pipe off and remove grass.also have a problem with twigs on the lawns from pigeons and no matter how much i try and get it all up, there is still a few left looking for something and maybe the Amazone is the machine. takes a day and a half to cut all the lawns. need a high lift to dump the grass in a heap. thanks for your input and ideas

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    you can get a decent finish not collecting too

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