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Glyphosate deadlock - drags on

No decision reached in todays vote over the future of glyphosate. At least they managed to vote this time which is more than they managed in October. 28 countries were eligible to vote. 14 FOR, 9 AGAINST, 5 ABSTAINED. 

Last year Malta was the only country to vote against the re-licensing of the crucial active ingredient. A qualified majority is required with each country being allocated a number of votes depending on the size of their population so the abstentions will be crucial to the re-vote scheduled for the end of the month.

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  • I hate to wade in on this debate and to be honest feel very under qualified but, AJ has championed GM crops.  Is this is only one step up from using chemicals to control weeds/pests and puts the control within the large corporations (monsanto and the others) and instead of supplying chemicals they will be supplying seeds.  I would have thought that this was miles away from being organic?  I'm not against the use of chemicals or GM crops I also understand the benefits of organic.  I just don't understand how you can champion all 3 disciplines, or have i missed the point.

    • PRO
      I don't fully understand fella. Champion all 3 disciplines?
      • Sorry i must have completey mis understood, the debate has waded on but so far it seems that you and your teams carry out chemical applications, that you are an organic farmer and that you approve of GM crops.  What I don't understand is how these all sit together.  For example I have a friend who is an Organic farmer but doesn't have a sideline in spraying amenity turf.

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          Why don't you take the best of all disciplines and not pigeonhole yourself just to fit an ideal. If some GMO crops are improving lives with no negative impacts are they not good? GMO is just speeding up natural processes of plant evolution. Organic food is great if you can use what you have at hand to grow without having to buy any expensive chemicals and spray them and kill insects or fungus. Even better coplant with symbiotic species or use natural pests such as predatory insects. Bonus.... I would also always choose a backpack sprayer with glyphosate over a backpack burner in the summer with dry lavenders and conifers ready to explode whilst we are hard surface weed controlling. You ever used a burner ? Sweet mercy... I felt like a flame thrower guy in call of duty.
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      I will sell organic food because I recycle green waste at one of my depots and I produce tonnes of organic animal bedding and waste.just like most of the organic firms I will get more money from it than conventional food. I don't buy organic veg because I understand it is no better and unless you have a waste product like me it has a greater environmental impact than conventional farming. That I learnt early. For people who want to pay for it that's fine by me but I won't promote it as tastier, better or any less dangerous. I don't just spray things I work out IVM and IPM strategy's to reduce pesticide use and do assessments to look for other methods than using pesticides but if pesticides are safer and less dangerous than using non chemical methods then I will suggest a method that gets the best end result with no risks .
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      Monsanto is the biggest seed company I believe anyway. Once this tie up with Bayer happens it definitely will be. Glyphosate is small potatoes to them.
      It’s important to them because of the seeds they have modified to be resistant to it. They get to sell both every year
      • PRO
        Bayer from germany is buying Monsanto as they only hold 2% of the seed market and they then will hold 25,% of the market. Syngenta from Switzerland and groupe limagarine from france are taken into account all of a sudden the EU suddenly have gone from 2nd largest seed supplier to biggest and the USA is left with 4%...where are all of the "USA is trying to take over the world " guys now. Has any of you ever met any scientists from these companies. ? Geeks and graduates. Definately no horns tridents or jackboots.
        • PRO
          Seed development is bloody expensive with lots of testing ,faliure and mega millions invested in a hope and a prayer something will be good enough for market. Some of it is mind-blowing. I watched a presentation where a professor I hope to be having dinner with reprogramming plants to activate soil mycota by applying rusts and fungus to leaves. Mind blowing shit.
          • 50 years ago farmers use to have to rake out Scutch grass roots with harrows from seed beds then pull off the debris from the harrows and then repeat.  It was a time consuming process and pretty boring! Roundup stopped this.  Now 50 years on we are talking about Glyphosate's future and mixing rusts with leaves to produce a high yielding disease resistant seed.  It will be interesting to hear what the next generation are saying about GM crops in 50 years time!

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              I think we will be growing in multi levelled houses using aquaculture and permaculture using solar power to power LED lights allowing for total control over the environment using less land and minimum pollution. I am planning my own fish permaculture system using compost heating systems to run heated polytunnels.
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