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Glyphosate deadlock - drags on

No decision reached in todays vote over the future of glyphosate. At least they managed to vote this time which is more than they managed in October. 28 countries were eligible to vote. 14 FOR, 9 AGAINST, 5 ABSTAINED. 

Last year Malta was the only country to vote against the re-licensing of the crucial active ingredient. A qualified majority is required with each country being allocated a number of votes depending on the size of their population so the abstentions will be crucial to the re-vote scheduled for the end of the month.

Reuters News 

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                this is where its at - the above is a VERY interesting topic, i know very little so far about such farming practices but its extremely positive.

                A modern mix of permaculture techniques with and without modern technology. 

                Ive been reading up on various classic/ present permaculture techniques/ practices but havent come across enough of the more modern high tec 'future' practcies. 

                Would you have any links/ reading material AJ to people developing such techniques/pricniples ?  I know its a broad topic LOL 

        • Haven't Syngenta been bought out by the Chinese? 

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            75% shareholding as from june the Chinese want to modernise Thier agriculture and seed techniques.
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        Prof Alan Gange Himalayan Balsam .. check it out
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    Hi I'll leave you all to it. lts hard not being a bit patronising when you try and explain things to people and you are being told you are wrong by far less experienced people.. just be carefull what you are advising because people rely on us to be experts and make the right decision and give good advice. Just remember professional indemnity insurance will not pay out if you have given bad advice without the qualifications. If you put unsterilised soil that contains Japanese knotweed in a garden your companies days are numbered or you advise a client of a product to clean a patio and it runs into a stream that kills part of a watercourse they could come for you. That's why there are experts about . They take the responsibility. Rich who started this thread is probably smiling at all this and having a giggle as I am a bit loud in real life. Just make sure you research your topics carefully. Ben seriously....I was like you once.... Stop and think who has the narrow mind and who isn't accepting other views. You are 2 years into one of the most complex industries going. To be a proper gardener the information you need to know and have in your head at the flick of a switch is extreme. All of the shrubs ,trees, herbaceous plants. Chemicals, soils, . Even herbal uses of plant oils . People who use chemicals should do it as a last resort but many of the alternatives are way more dangerous or damaging than spraying glyphosate. I did a week and exam of a BASIS hard surface module. I have 70 schools I look after in my books. Only 7 of us in the country have the qualification at the moment I believe 4 of those are instructors. That runs through everything from hot foam, burning , chemicals, brushing . This covers railways, towns, playgrounds. All of you look into BASIS training. A foundation course isn't that expensive and then move up to the more advanced courses. Thanks for the debate and if I meet any of you around the country we can have a giggle about this thread too. But the topic is deadly serious and one that can a huge effect on our country. Cheers I'm off to feed my pigs.
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      btw I don't profess to know everything and if I learn something new every day then that's great. I did an agricultural FACTS course and I didn't feel comfortable taking the exam because as soon as I had that qualification farmers would be ringing me up for advice on Thier soils and protein content of Thier wheat. I maybe could have passed the course but I doubt it because I didn't have the experience . Whole fields are then in your hands and getting things wrong with a field full of milling wheat or advising an application of fertiliser on a field full of hay destined to become silage could end up with ruined wheat or even worse dead cows due to contaminated food. I left that job to the experts. If any of you are near high Wycombe come up and say hello. I'll do you a home produced fry up. Be lucky out there.
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        I think you think too little of the farmers there to be honest. They’ve either benn doing it for decades and know what they are doing or they get the agronomists from thier chemical suppliers in to look at the fields and tell them what they need.
        Also it’s not as hard as some would have you believe I think there is a tendency to over complicate things.
        Plenty of farmers about without any qualifications Manage to do it right
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          Aye Richard .<br/>
          That's why we are now in this situation. There has been a lot of misuse of chemicals by farmers and amenity users for decades. I do my best to big up farmers wherever I can. Farmers now use agronomists a lot.<br/>
          They don't just get them from the chemical companies. The water companies sell biosolids and digestate. Agronomists come to check the wheat and do soil tests to check soil indexes especially in NVZ's. It is harder than you know. I've done the training fella. There are legislations in place concerning air quality , river quality, everything. You seem quite opinionated , what's your background?
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            Sorry forgot to mention 25 years of living and working on the farm.
            It’s just Not as hard as you would have people believe sorry to disappoint you
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              Oh it is. It most definitely is to do it properly and legally.
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