Getting ready for winter.

Hi, I'm hopeless at gardening and know I need to clean up the back yard to get the garden ready for winter.

I would like to research planting and growing in Autumn (Not too much mind!) and wondered if anyone has any good resources they could point me to that they found helpful in the past. I'm looking at some veg and basic plants to give the garden some colour.  

The garden and soil area is quite small, about 5 metre square with a small shed that I dump things into !

Thanks in advance


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    Hi David, if you are "hopeless at gardening" maybe it would be better to enlist the help of a gardener?

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    Best thing would be to plant a patio by the sounds of it. Especially if you're constantly going to the shed.

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    A good basic book ''Everything you need to about gardening '' by Rob Cassy & Valerie Scriven . 

    A small area perhaps a hard surface and a raised bed made from sleepers which is pretty low maintenance .

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      Sorry !!  spot the mistake  ''need to know about gardening''  

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    David, you've listed your business name as VR Home and Garden. Does that mean to say you are charging people for garden work?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the comments and helpful advice, plenty to consider.

    By the way, I don't charge for gardening work as that would be a big mistake considering how hopeless I am at it ! :) (Perish the thought.) :) :)

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      Without posting a link, I think you should declare your interest here David;)

      • Hi,

        I'm in the software and app business which is garden related, (Game elements etc), but as I have zero skills when it comes to actual gardening, I'm hoping to pick up as much practical information from real gardeners as possible so I don't look like a complete idiot, which I can then cross-reference as much as possible as viable research and also learn how to apply it in my own sorry excuse for a back garden which my girlfriend constantly reminds me of :)

        Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell anything :) 



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    is a good way of finding plants

This reply was deleted.

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