Gardener Abuse

A blog post by Noel Kingsbury

"Gardeners are underpaid. We all know that. They are also often not understood. All too often I have been involved professionally with a garden where garden staff are employed but those employing them only have the dimmest idea of what they do and even less of why they do it. Garden staff, of course, work outside – so tend to be in isolation from both any other staff employed or their employers. They work with living things in an environment which is never predictable, and which inevitably remains mysterious to those employing them. "

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    Very Interesting blog post which brought back amusing memories for me when i spent 7 years as "the gardener" for a TMM client.  Duties evolved into responsibility and requests ranging from running the Rolls Royce, taking control of contractors for new driveway, electrical, gas and plumbing contractors when the TMM client refused to deal directly with contractors who did not meet exacting requirements and works were viewed as wrong. Asked to prepare and then maintain facilities and needs of rescue donkeys, which I avoided as a 7 day a week commitment. Decorating and maintain the entire property when weather was very poor.  Perhaps the most lasting memory is being told to keep re doing jobs when the TMM client did not know or could not explain what was required, or could not decide, and was told that it was my job to keep repeating work until the desired results were discovered to the satisfaction of the client, despite pleas for clear instructions. Patience was stretched beyond all reason, but time heals. 

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    As usual Noel, is a great writer.  The mystery of the garden...Love it, Live it

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