Gardencare long reach hedge trimmer

Hi, I've recently set up my own grounds maintenance business. At the moment until my business grows I am using cheap secondhand machinery (not much budget for new gear yet). Unfortunately yesterday my split shaft hedge trimmer attachment broke and died on me. I've been offered a gardencare lr262 hedge trimmer off the lawn mower mechanic. Now I'm only ever used to using stihl machinery up until having to buy it for myself. Has anybody ever used gardencare machinery before and what are your thoughts and views on them. I dont have loads of hedges but definitely need long reach. Any help/opinions would be greatly received as not only am i new to being self employed I'm also new to LJN. (cracking site btw).

Thanks in advance Carl.

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    Sorry no experience with the above, however I find that being used to working with Stihl equipment myself, if I try to work with other makes it all feels awkward, heavy generally and can't wait to get my Stihl back going. How much is your Mechanic offering machine to you for?
    • Just under 100, the model itself is discontinued and has been replaced with a newer one which is 200 brand new. Looking at spending 200 until i can afford a stihl kombi with attachments.

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        Fully serviced? Blade sharpened? Any warranty that he's offering, i.e. 30 days peace of mind?
        • Yes serviced and blades sharpened. not spoke about warranty yet, still in 2 minds. He says he knows the history of the machine as it was one of his customers and he's serviced it over the years. Mechanic pretty decent guy and reliable so have a bit a trust in him. It just felt heavy, 1.5 kg more than a stihl one. Just want something reliable that starts easily and where i wont be in same boat later in year.

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            I say walk away it's probably fine for a homeowner twice a year but no good for professional use.
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            For professional use this machine will not last, and far to heavy for me, reliability wise, even from new I have known clients have problems with starting these cheap machines after only a seasons working ( over the course of a season they may use it 5 times). Personally I wouldn't purchase it, but I am not in your position, I have the cash flow to buy Pro spec machines.
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              The other thing to remember is that long reach machines break more easily than short reach so a cheap long reach is a waste of money that will be more expensive in the long term.
            • Yes thats what i thought but i'm very early days into business, 2 weeks in fact. I set up because I've wanted to for a few years, 20 years working for others has taken its toll and it also helps with my step daughter who has learning disabilities. She's my little helper and it gets her out of the house. Had 2 small jobs to start, now have 11 customers and a few one off jobs, patios and turfing. Unfortunately the money from those jobs will be buying a van for us. Fully understand over the machinery, stihl, husqvarna and possibly echo in the future for definite. My multi tool was cheap and the engine is a b*****d to start to the point i know it wants replacing. 

              Thanks again though, really appreciate your time and effort for responding.

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                I started with no money too all those years ago. Do what you need to to get moving again just don't be surprised when it dies come hedge cutting season. Hopefully by then you will have made enough to buy a better one. The same goes for all the tools.
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                Sounds like you've got some great adventures ahead, good luck with everything..
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