I have produced this simple excel spread sheet so that you can make sense of what you need to charge yourself out per hour.

Download the sheet to your own computer and edit it to suit yourself. Make sure that you only edit the variable amounts (if in doubt, look for a calculation formula before making changes)

It would pay to have a little excel experience for this exercise.

You may also be interested in applying this simple hourly rate test - you may be in for a shock!

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                    Past business history is relevant if you're preaching to members on LJN yet providing no relevant experience/background.

                    I can extract exactly same missives from a number of Business 101 book ( esp US books )

                    Put them in context, show us how it helped 1st GM .....,

                    • I am not getting into an argument with you or bowing to your commands.

                      You would do yourself a lot of good if you understood how figures work so you don't loose any more money.

                    • PRO

                      I am not arguing merely challenging your ability & experience to offer business advice.

                      I will continue to do so until you display transparency.

                      I assume you didn't take your own advice then ?

                      If I am wrong, I will happily apologise and buy you a drink.

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                      Adrian, you seem to be assuming that a lot of people here don't know how to run a business. I appreciate that you are trying to offer advice, but I don't think it's a good idea to lecture Gary in particular about how to run a business, he will roast you alive :-) If also it is the case that you have had failed businesses in the past, perhaps you are not the best person to be offering advice on how to run a successful one? If your advice is that good, surely you'd still be running your own.
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    The calculator certainly prompts attention to detail and provides instant analysis it's so useful .

    It's also prompted me to turn my attention to the number of unpaid hours i accumulate in my business weekly .

    Travel to and from work 6 hours  ,   administration 2 and a half hours , picking up materials 1 and a half hours ,  research ( variable ) , surveys ( potential client enquiries ) ( always mindful of winter opportunity even if i am working to full capacity during growing season ) possibly 3 hours   Realistically this could total 20 unpaid hours .   

    It makes me realise we are only actually earning when we are plugged in on site . 

    However if forces some creative / constructive thinking about better ways of utilising time .

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