I have produced this simple excel spread sheet so that you can make sense of what you need to charge yourself out per hour.

Download the sheet to your own computer and edit it to suit yourself. Make sure that you only edit the variable amounts (if in doubt, look for a calculation formula before making changes)

It would pay to have a little excel experience for this exercise.

You may also be interested in applying this simple hourly rate test - you may be in for a shock!

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    I have amended the sheet - only edit the cells that are purple - that way, none of the formulas will be deleted.
    The sheet is not exhaustive so if you have a reccuring item that needs to be included then you need to insert a row to do this.
  • Hello Philip

    How very nice of you to share this with all of us - I have downloaded it and it has reminded me of a fundamental business tennet - keep tabs on what you spend!
    Thank you.
  • Thanks for the download, ill find it very usefull
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    Simon pointed out an error with the charge out rate spreadsheet that I had uploaded - I have now corrected this.

    You may have already spotted it and made rectified the mistake on your own sheet but you may wish to upload the latest sheet.
  • Hi Philip.
    I just would like to say thank you for sharing your experience with us. Although I have nearly 10 years experience as a designer, I do struggle with the business running part of the job. Therefore once again...thank you.
  • should see what happens to this when I add the living in london expenses ... I had this figured already but this clarifys matters. Add the fact that I have had to bring down my prices because of the financial situation and I'm in trouble
  • My advertising bill was £20k! Yellow Pages must have seen me coming!
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    Hi Dwayne

    I apologise that your question went by unanswered by me.

    NI = National Insurance.
    Your assumptions on MPL and MPM are correct and C/L = cost per litre.

    I realise the sheets I have produced are not exhaustive but it has always helped me by looking at my costs in this manner.

    I have left the formulas unlocked so people can feel free to utilise them any way that suits.



    Dwayne Haskell said:
    I have already changed the pounds to $ : )
    but I am assuming the figures in purple are all yearly expenses?? I read the comments, but was unsure.. What is the NI ?
    MPL= miles per litre?
    MP Month=miles per month?
    Cost p/l=?

    I am from across the pond, so these terms are a little "foreign" to me.LOL

    Very good job on the sheet. I usually protect the sheet and unlock only the cells to be changed...keeps folks from deleting a formula...
    I do put in a mailto: link so they can get hold of me if they DO need to unlock it..LOL
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    The figures are only there as an example Colin - members must change to suit so that the get an accurate figure that relates only to them.

    I will add this to the FAQs

    colin said:
    i think this xl sheet should be brought up again due to the amount of new members since it was added.

    the figures im sure will have changed dramatically and after last winter i think the calculating over 50 weeks will probably need to be adjusted a little to account for the extremes
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    Don't forget to change all the figures that directly rate to your business. Any box shaded in purple can be edited.

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