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Evening all

After some advice from the few of you who are involved in this game. Basically I have been asked to design and build a pool outbuilding. Changing area, pump room and large covered area for a table and pizza oven etc. 

The design and build isn't an issue. My concerns are the depth of foundations required. My head says to go with what is required for a single story extension. The ground is on clay but is near some trees. So brick dwarf walls around a foot high. The large post/beams I think should be concreted into place in the ground as oppose to fixed to the brick wall. 

The floor will be some granite paving which they have left over from some previous building works. 

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    Hi: recently did the footings for my (mainly glass) extension, in heavy clay ground.  Building regs told me to go down to the bottom of the house footing - 1.2m! (= a lot of clay muck away). Not saying your project would need as much as it is an outbuilding but I expect building regs round my way would say for a single storey go down till you hit chalk (1.2m). I think it really depends on ground conditions on the site. I'd put a proviso on it saying contractor ( i guess you) needs to dig a test pit on site prior to starting to determine ground conditions. 

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      Concern is the tree roots are around 1m away. So we are looking at root zone being right where I want to dig.

      Totally prepared for the likelihood we will be digging out lots of clay
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        You need to be careful of root protection area. I'm not sure on the rules but know they are there!
        If the tree is tpo then you may not even get started that close to it.
        Have the clients got planning permission?
        If so there may be stipulations in it?
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          Planning not required. Nor building regs, designed in that way :)

          As far as I'm aware there aren't any tpo's at all. House in the country
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            That's fine as long as the tree doesn't fall over:)
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              Indeed :) wouldn't want that now
  • thats got too much potential to go wrong and cost money to put right. for the sake of a few hundred quid i would get an engineer involved to spec up the foundations. if youre on clay youve got shrinkage to take into account and possible heave with it as well may even be better to look at a raft foundation

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      Thanks Thermo, after speaking to my bricklayer he asked what foundations he would have to work with.

      He also suggested speaking to a structural engineer. Glad I have one as a client and another two I can call on

      I will keep you all posted on what happens
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