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    I don't for that reason and also I'm busy anyway.
    I think it would be a good idea if you are continually not winning work as it could give you some pointers as to why you aren't winning jobs.
    Maybe an email if you have an email address to send a quick follow up? A bit less in their face than a phone call or knock on the door.
    • Hi Richard thanks for that. Ive only had the business up and running for 3 weeks now and it's the first quote I've not had an immediate response to and it's a 2 day job so kind of want it confirmed one way or the other
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        Sometimes people will surprise you. A potential client may come back a few weeks later, has been busy, or on holiday, or waiting to get paid or some other random reason.

        I've only been up and running just under a year, tend not to chase clients after quoting. It has been to my detriment to be honest. I've written email addresses down incorectly and so sent a quote to a 'mr nobody', and waited for a reply. Worked it out when a client called me asking where the quote was - now I email a quote and post one, along with a nice glossy compliments slip.

        My theory is that if they do receive my quote by email, and by post, and do not get in touch, job isn't mine. 

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    This old thread (8 yrs old) shows differing views still exists on this subject.

    You can do it in a softly softly manner, by just making a courtesy call to see if they have received the quote and ask if any clarifications or changes are needed.

    I'm a little more focused (coming from a sales background) and often will ask what it will take to win the business, but know for some that is a big ask. It gets easier with time as you get more experienced and comfortable in your business.

    Running that business, it is easy to forget that you are also the salesperson. Without a pipeline of work, you don't have a business ..... so chase it :)

    p.s. Don't forgot to include your details and EXACTLY what you want them to do to accept your Quotation.

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    When on site I kindly request that they acknowledge receipt of my email in case it ends up in their junk mail. If not, I shall make a courtesy call to ensure they received it. I don't tend to chase as it seems like you need the work, it should always be the other way around, in that the customer is chasing you for your quality workmanship
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    Take a step back and look - what if they have invited several contractors to quote - would you leave it on the table for your competitor to walk in and close? Or worse they don't give it to you as they 'think' you're too busy to do their "little" job ?

    Never, never be afraid of wanting work and letting the customer know that - it's a mutually beneficial relationship.

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      It's something I should probably do more of but I hate the thought of it to be honest. I think that's because I hate it with a passion when someone tries to sell me anything! If I want it I will buy it be it an item or a service I don't want people telling me where to get it from!
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    Always follow up, think of the time/expense of trying to get them to give you a ring in the first place. I usually chase up around a week later.

    If you get the chance and they have chose another contractor ask why they didn't choose you.

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    I always contact them after about 4-5 days. it shows an interest and that your keen to work on their project. Ask if they have any questions on the quotation? and worst case if they have chosen to employ someone else ask them for some feedback. Thats how I've always worked and it works out well enough for me 

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    I agree - always follow up on quotes, like others have said, at least you'll know why they didn't go with you. Great opportunity to ask if they've questions, amendments etc.

    Personally, when I'm buying, I tend to go with the guy that follows up.

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