Fly tipping!

Now this just makes me furious!This afternoon it became apparent that someone had dumped about 1/4 tonne of green waste on my families garden centre hedge row. This is in the sticks of rural norfolk where everyone knows everyone so hopefully we will catch the senseless persons involved. By the kind of material that was dumped, I would say it was just a homeowner, but from a professionals point of view, I would certainly suggest that anyone on here who might even think that it is a good idea to dump in a hedge row, think again very quickly indeed!Rant over :-)

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  • maybe these mis guided tippers thought they were returning it to nature and it will rot down in due least it wasn't a load of asbestos i suppose...but very naughty yes, broken britain at its wasteful anti social worst lol

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      To me, fly tipping is all the same, be it 3 tonnes of asbestos or a carrierbag of soil. It all requires the landowner to clear it up at their expenses.
      • yes its all a bit naughty whatever gets dumped, usually around here its clay pebbles from hydro factories and weed plant stalks, not like the good old days where it was always adult mags, dam you internet lol

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    Fly tipping is a problem in my area as our nearest trade waste is miles away, local tips will not accept trade waste green or otherwise and besides which they're closed two days a week. As a result we constantly have fly tipping. Sofas fridges green waste etc. I get cross when there is a large amount of green waste that you just know has come from a cowboy landscaper/maintenance guy! It gives all of us a bad rep!
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