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Hi thereDoes anyone know a good website to find staff? I am looking or two full time employees. Have posted on here and the government job site. Ideally I'd rather advertise on a horticultural website than generic ones. Or if anyone has any other ideas to find suitable staff?? Any help much appreciated.

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    on here, gumtree and Had a very good response a month ago for a mowing vacancy.

  • PRO is good, you have have to spend time weeding out the no go's! 

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    We use a variety of sources with varying degrees of success - One
    source comes up with lots of candidates on one occasion yet zero on

    One thing to note though is to make sure (above all else) is that you ensure your employment contract is comprehensive. In particular anti competition clauses. Unfortunately it's all too easy for trusted employees to gain skills, training and industry understanding and then try to pinch your customers from behind your back.
  • I have a college with a horticulture course. I popped in and talked to the students after contacting the lecturer. I got a fantastic guy who really knows his stuff and works very hard.
    The down side is I will probably lose him next year because he will make loads more out on his own. But it is a good source of motivated people with knowledge and the college are chuffed because it gives the students experience in the field
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