Filling annoying bulk bags

Hi Guys,I am new to this forum but I was looking for some feedback on a brand new tool that helps users fill bulk bags.I struggled for years getting frustrated with the sides of the bag collapsing so I very recently invented the 'Bulk Bag Buddy' which I have started manufacturing.It would be great to get some honest feedback Many thanks.Grant

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  • Honestly, it takes about 2 minutes to fill a bulk bag, and I imagine I'd spend more time setting up this frame and taking it down again, plus storage in the van. So it's a no from me. 

    • Hi Dan, thanks very much for your honesty, but once the frame has been assembled it folds flat in seconds.
      Thanks again.
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    I know that the lawn care guys who do a lot of scarifying like this sort of system as I seen another solution for filling and moving bulk bags full of moss which can be hard / awkward work.

    Seems a more professional solution than using metal fencing pins.

    • Thank you very much for the feedback Gary
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      Was the one you saw mine by any chance Gary? :-)

      This was/is the prototype we created to solve an issue on one site which produces lots of waste but has very,very poor vehicle accessibility..... This is also known as the Mark One which we prefer to call it! Its now about Mark 5 all evolved from the original - however the arms and platform on this don't fold and its considerably 'heavier duty' than the product Grant Bramble has designed.

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    I do what most others do - stand in the dumpy bag and rake all waste between my legs into the bag. Done in seconds. Additionally when empty other types of cuttings I just fold the sides down. I also don't have something else in the van taking up space and am £38 better off. In brutal honesty, someone buying this is likely to have more money than sense.
    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your honest opinion.
      I have sold many of these to gardeners/landscapers that thought the same as you but since speaking to them after having the frame for a week they swear by it and would not do without it.
      Thanks again Paul
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        The other point to consider is that in most cases people are dragging the bags around the site behind them picking up piles. Having a frame attached to it doesn't really help matters in my opinion, would cause more hassle than it's worth.
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          I think you need to take a wider view, there are situations were it would not be a solution (ie on a business park, for example) vs in a large garden doing scarification where it would ideal.

          • Hi Gary,
            Thanks, these frames have started selling well and I have not had a bad review yet and my customers have been quite varied. One of the main things people like about it is that it can allow the bag to be angles to fill with a wheel barrow and being a builder I know what a pest this can be.
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