Etesia Mowers + Roller

Is anybody using the Roller attachments with their Etesia's?

Is the Roller available for the 46CM machines yet?

I currently have the Honda Pro Models and the smaller HRX models but the HRX model struggles after a season as the Roller's always develop major issue's, I am thinking of investing in an Etseia just would like some feed back. It must be a Roller model.

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    I have the Etesia Pro 46 rear roller. Waiting for a reply from Etesia for what I can only think is a design flaw. At the end of every run the roller knocks open the grass box lid and throws clippings out....super annoying! It is actually marking the collector box.
    It is costing time, money and my sanity.

    Supplying dealer(not main agent) is of the same opinion as me, that it's a design fault.

    I hope it's a fault that Etesia will rectify. I have not come on here to slag them off. As the machine runs and cuts beautifully without the roller. Which is not what I purchased it for.

    In summary I would suggest holding off a purchase, unless you have one strip to cut that is miles long with no turns!

    I will update if I have any news good or otherwise.
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      Speedy response from Etesia, it would appear that other users have experienced this sideways movement. Etesia are working to rectify the issue.
      I hope the modification or whatever is required is as speedy as their helpful response. It cannot come quick enough.
  • slightly off topic with the roller attachment can you get right up to the edge of the lawn, in the advertising video it looks like it is a free swinging arm that will not support the mower

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      Hi David

      Due to wet weather and the rollers considerable weight I have only used the roller attachment this week. No problem with lawn edges, and produces a beautiful finish and cut. However being free swinging with a little sideways flex is the issue I am having. The roller moves on the turns, rubs against the collection box and knocks it open, then I wrestle with one hand keeping mower going with the other to pop the collector box back together with clippings flying all over the place.
      My dilemma is persevere with roller as all customers want stripes(rightly so in my opinion) lengthening the time of each cut. Or leave the very expensive roller back at base gathering dust!
      • Thanks for the reply's John, maybe best to hang on a little while. Is the roller attachment expensive?

        Would you recommend Etsia's without the attachment?

        • PRO
          Hi Darren

          Very pleased with the mower and its performance. It's ability to cut wet grass is well that's a huge plus. It can also mulch, cannot comment on that yet as I have yet to use that attachment.

          The roller is £411.80 inc Vat.

          Would I buy Etesia again! Well it's early days. Hard to fault the mower. Just depends how the roller issue pans out. I do feel cheated as I wanted a mower with a roller not a mower with a £400 dust collector. Feel myself getting angry now, going to chat to my Labrador to calm myself.
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    John Wade-Palmer have you had any comeback from Etesia yet?

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      Hi Jason, unfortunately not. A wall of silence!!
      I emailed them again 3 weeks ago, no response.
      Mower not used since April, a big expensive mistake. I have purchased a second hand Honda to keep me going.
      All a bit embarrassing as Etesia sponsor this site. So my rants are a little muted, as the last thing I want is to be booted off this site.
      Landscape juice is more valuable to me than Etesia.
      I will update if any news good or otherwise.
      • I think we can ascertain your true feelings but find it a shame that you should feel intimidated not to express your feelings fully.
        Your motivation is honerable in respect of not damaging a sponsor to this site but afraid in my opinion that a honest opinion expressed fully is the only way.
        I doubt if you would come close to being booted off for a true and factual account. And to be honest would you really want to be part of an organisation that acted in such a way ?
        I would not as you can tell !!!
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          Hi Gordon

          Point taken.
          Honest opinion....poorly designed roller that was rushed to market.
          Response from Etesia, hugely disapointing.
          A wasted £1500.
This reply was deleted.

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