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Hi.My email is linked to my website all setup by a company that no longer trade. For some reason I can't access it now (password not recognised?)When I try and setup resend password to my personal email it won't let me as it was not used to set the account up.Looking of a way to access it or create a new email address. Think it's done through mybizsite?I still receive emails as they are forwarded to my personal account, so not to bad.Any help would be appreciated.Richard.....

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    Would it be possible to create / add a Gmail email address which is very easy and straight forward to do and it's also free of charge to create an account . 

  • Hi Richard
    my son is a front end web developer and he is the main man in his company for sorting out issues with email functions. He finds it boring but gets on with it. I will ask him if he has any ideas.
    Probably not, but worth asking.
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      I would prefer an email that is connected to my business/website. Not keen on @gmail hotmail etc.

      Thanks Gordon, appreciate asking.

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    Hi Richard,

    You need to get access to the control panel, normally called cPanel. There you can change the password.

    Did the web company ever give you the access details?

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      The password I have is not being accepted is about 5 years old and the developer has had accessed the account a few times since.

      I will dig through old emails and hopefully there's something there!

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      The password I have is not being accepted is about 5 years old and the developer has had accessed the account a few times since.

      I will dig through old emails and hopefully there's something there!

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        You may have to contact the hosting company. Had a quick look and luckily the web developer registered the domain in your name. 

        Looks like 123reg are the domain holders, they may have the hosting too - you'll have to prove who you are etc to have it reset.

        Just a thought for the future, when the domain and hosting come up for renewal, the notifications will likely go to your ex web developers, so you'll need to gain control of it to renew it

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          Thanks for that.

          I have got access to Cpanel & changed password but it's not being accepted for the email account? Only Cpanel
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            If you have access to the c pannel, have a chat with the hosting company

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    Just to be sure, you changed the password for the actual email account from within the Control Panel?

    Can you access your email account using the webmail option in the Control Panel?

    You should be able to. If you can, it is likely your email client settings need updating.
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