• I thought I'd try and answer a question that has obviously crossed a few minds, is the Honda branded cordless gear compatible with Ego?  Short answer: maybe :)

    Having just purchased the Honda strimmer I can confirm the chargers are identical.  The batteries and tools also appear to be the same, however the batteries don't fit the tools.

    After a lot of head scratching I realised there is a small plastic lug on the tool which engages with a slot on the battery, and these are in a very slightly different location. It would be a trivial exercise to remove this with a knife, which will allow  the battery to fit, however I imagine this will void the warranty so I'm a bit reluctant. 

    Anyone else want to try?  Is  there any other trickery at work?  Definitely maybe :)

    I'd like to add that the big win for me with cordless is convenience.  I'm much more likely to give something a quick trim and  that often translates into the bit of polish that a garden needs to shine.

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    I found this thread while looking for long reach hedgetrimmers. I need one quick!  With the long delays on getting hold of a Still Kombi L/Reach attachment I'm intrigued with these Ego Combi tools, particularly the long reach. Does anyone have any updates on the Ego kit?   Reliability, snags, etc. 

    • Hi Tony I've had my EGO kit for over 12 month's now the Strimmer and blower used daily and I've had zero issues !!! it's brilliant gear mate I'd never go back to two stroke now !! the EGO combi is next on my list to buy !! 

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        Graham. Thanks for the prompt reply. Glad it has worked out for you, it's a big investment alongside 2 stroke. I've got a few ideas re-hedgecutters but I keep coming back to the Ego range. Hoping to have a look at some this week.

        • Hi Tony I sold all my 2 stroke gear once I hit the 12 month anniversary of investing in the EGO kit so it offset the cost a little !! I've no regrets ! no messing about with two stroke, no breathing in fumes or aggravating my tennis elbow with pull starts !!! 

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            Sounds great. I'm calling a supplier later re l/r hedgetrimmer tool. Battery wise I was thinking one large capacity, 5ah and one small, 2ah. Just occasionally I used my old long reach all day so need to be covered for that.

            • The hedge trimmers are very efficient on battery life plus with the fast charger your only looking at 45 minutes with a 4.0 amp battery so if your using one the other will be fully charged long before the other one runs out !!!! 

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                How do you get on when it's raining. Is the kit OK?  I'm one of those madmen that don't stop in bad weather.

                • This is the most important question for me. It rains a lot here and I pretty much always keep working regardless. Apparently all EGO tools are IPX4 rated which means " Protects from splashing water, no matter the direction". Sounds OK, but the IPX ratings go all the way up to 8 so ideally would prefer to hear from real world users of the product about their experience in the rain.

                • I don't use them or any other tool apart from my mower if it's raining :)

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