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    I was down a my local Mower repairers today and an Ego rep was there dropping off some new tools, he had a new combi system, looked pretty impressive, the hedge cutter attachment equals Stihl's, the brushcutter attachment looks solid, and all the connections for the combi unit to change the heads look really robust.. he also gave me a few prices on the kits, plus mentioning a backpack blower out later this year and a backpack battery pack...
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    Good afternoon, i suffer with tingling and a numbness in my fingers when i'm using my Stihl FS40 trimmer, and i'm looking at buying a EGO ST1300E 56V cordless trimmer with a 4AH battery and infinity charger. The battery life looks pretty good at over an hour, if i take the plunge and buy one i was thinking have a inverter fitted in the van so i can charge the battery which should take 30min, I'll eventually buy a spare battery they're just so expensive.

    Has anybody had any experience with this trimmer, how long does the battery last in the real world useage, are there any different brands i should consider, i've looked at Stihl but battery life doesn't look great i'll add a link to the model and a link to EGO catalogue,




    • I use the stihl cordless range and have been doing so on a commercial level for over 3 years. I haven't touched a petrol trimmer since. I use the hla65 and find it more than adequate for commercial use. The cutter easily lasts me nearly 3 hours as the battery use is on "trigger time only". You'll be surprised how much time is spent on positioning alone.
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    Hi Phil, the Stihl hla65 hedge cutter sound's a decent bit of kit, at the moment i'm looking to invest in a cordless grass trimmer, what's the Stihl grass trimmer like would you be able to get an hour's use out of a single battery.

    • If you're looking at strimmers, the new stiga range is out of this world. I went to an expo 3 weeks ago and their stuff runs on 80v battery power and it last's an hour and a half.
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    Wow looks good but at over £500 pounds it's out of my price range, there are so many to choose from it's making my head spin.

    Just found a great website with great reviews and with the top 11 best cordless grass trimmers, at no1 it puts the Ego the next model up to which i was thinking of buying. .

    Here's the link to the top 11

    Top 11

    Best Battery Powered String Trimmer Roundup
    Looking for the best battery powered string trimmer? We brought in 11 of the most popular models to help you decide what's right for your needs.
  • Hi guy's just an update I've been using these tool's for a good while now...all I can say is that I'm massively impressed !!! put it this way I'll never go back to two stroke !!! I've had zero issues with any of them in the course of my business I use the blower and strimmer every day and they haven't missed a beat ! the only thing I don't use is the Mower as all my customers want a striped I'm considering selling that which is a shame but it's just going to waste sitting in the shed ! I'd thoroughly recommend the EGO range to anybody considering going down the cordless route !!   

    • Thanks for that Graham, it's extremely helpful to see what you think of them after a fair bit of use. I'm just about to dip my toe into the cordless market and EGO is probably the range i'm going for. Will probably be getting the chainsaw next month and, if happy, will get the combi tool, hand held blower and hedge cutters in the Winter ready for next season. Thanks very much.

      • No Worries Jonathon you won't regret it !! 

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    Agreed we love this battery kit, our fuel use has dropped from an average of 10L down to 2.8L, now aiming for a zero! The mower is really good and stronger than I thought, will it last a whole season? Best tool was the sthil telescopic long reach hedge cutter we did the tops of 100M Laurel faster than in previous years! We will be getting as much kit as we need but still need to keep some petrol as the sites we look after are usually big and the work can be high power stuff!
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