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    I reviewed the Ego lawnmower on my blog. I was reviewing for home use rather than professional, but you might find some of it useful. The battery charging was really impressive.

  • I just can't get my little head round cordless gardening tools and will need some convincing, but then again I'm a bit of a dinosaur!  So lets say if I get a cordless hedge trimmer and have no means of recharging during the day, will it cut efficiently for 8 hours? Has the strimmer or blower as much 'guts' as a good petrol machine? The mowers' performance, what petrol machine would they be comparable to?

    • the cordless mowers I have are really good except when the grass is wet when the box under fills and slimy grass accumulates underneath the deck which has to be scraped off periodically with a trowel, they still leave a faultless finish on the lawn itself for the hedge trimmers yes they will cut non stop for 8 hours as long as you have enough batteries, i find the hedge trimmers are the most efficient tools in the range regarding battery life

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    .as for the hedge trimmers yes they will cut non stop for 8 hours as long as you have enough batteries

    at one hundred quid plus for sthil batteries i dread to think how much eight hours batteries cost 

    • i have 10 of the batteries of various capacities and 2 of the backpacks...some i paid around £50 for and the highest capacity about £125...assuming that the machine is not running constantly for that 8 hours you might only need 2 or 3 of the higher capacity ones. I did a 3 hour hedge job yesterday (i was cutting and somebody else clearing up) and used one and a bit of the lowest capacity AP80 batteries, which i actually prefer in the hedgetrimmer as they add very little weight to the machine. Every time i use them I'm saving in petrol and 2 stroke oil.

    • £800 plus the harness for there back pack

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    700 quid and plus back packs is a big expenditure fuel wise 

    i get it works out over the long term but its a massive expenditure compared to fuel on a machine that doesnt run as hard 

    im all for battery and im loong at one of my strimmers hopefully being one -- but the expensense verses results on total items doesnt seem to add up yet -- i think a year or two a different story 

    • yes the future is here now i can do the hedge jobs to a higher standard in 2/3 the time and hardly break a sweat lol

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    Do Ego do a long reach hedge trimmer? I cannot find one anywhere. I'm waiting to try out the Pellenc telescopic one as I already have other Pellenc gear. It's a lot dearer than the Ego kit but it still makes sense for me. I easily get a full day cutting hedges on one charge with the big backpack battery.

    I do the odd job with blokes wielding Stihl gear and after the initial jokes about using toys for grown up jobs etc. they've all ended up impressed with the capability and the quality of finish. I'm always impressed because I'm not choking at the end of the day and can still lift my arms above my head! I also like not having to bother with petrol except for the mower and chainsaw. I'll be keeping an eye on developments there as well.

    One drawback with the battery stuff is not being able to use it in the rain - light drizzle is ok, but I'm not confident it would be a good idea in heavier rain. That said, I probably wouldn't be cutting hedges or strimming if it was sheeting down.

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