Dry spell, grass not growing.

Well it's finally happened this week, first time this year. After a long dry spell 2 customers have asked me not to visit this week as their lawns haven't grown. To be fair, it is true, and as it happens, I'm so busy at present I'm happy to crack on with the rest of my work. I have to say though, today's rain is welcome as I wouldn't like it to happen too often. Funnily enough, both of the customers mentioned are friendly, drink offering types. Maybe it would be harder for them to ask if they weren't so familiar with me? Both are fortnightly cuts and with a backlog of work I intend to leave them now for another 2 weeks. Hope this doesn't backfire on me resulting in a mountain of clippings!

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            Looking on lawnflite website it seems that it goes up in about 9mm steps from 15 so I've been cutting mainly at about 35mm this season if I'm understanding it right!
            Main thing is cut high rather than low especially on bumpy grass as you can always go lower but if too low then it looks rubbish and will for 3-4 weeks!
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              well re checking john deere website-- as its products are half usa and half uk -- 

              the ride on is set in inches and the walk behind in mm  just to make life more confusing lol 

              looks like small lawns looking good still have been cut on 40 -50 mm and large lawns at 65mm (which is the deere recommended height)

              -- however they looked a bit better last year cut at 70 mm -- however the larger heights are over large spaces where there have been growing issues and un even patches

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          For a healthy, flat lawn with good root density and depth, on a rootzone that's not overly clay based and not in full sunlight for the whole day, I would say yes to 27mm being a safe point. That is a fair few factors and I'm sure they'd be a couple more if I wasn't fit to drop after this week! 

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            I'd disagree far too many factors to be able to say that without coming a cropper somewhere! Just look at the grass you are cutting and it will become apparent. Also machine dependent as the cylinders will cut far shorter without scalping than a rotary will (unless billiard table flat!)
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    I have had a couple of customers over the last couple of weeks when we have agreed it's not right to cut the lawn due to the lack of growth and I haven't charged them.

    Most of my business comes from recommendations and being flexible with customers has helped gain more business so I look at being flexible and not charging as a longer term investment.
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      ^^ this seems like a good idea to me;)
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        This is what we do. We have enough work that we can be flexible.. If someone starts to take the 'proverbial' then we'll look into that! :)

  • Pretty much all of my work is fortnightly. No issues cutting more than 1/3 off the height...the lawns all look good. And I cut in all weathers. I've not been asked to postpone a visit this year, but I have had a couple of occasions in the past in late autumn when I've suggested I do some other work instead as there had been no growth to cut.
  • My point of view is that it is my only source of income. Don't mind missing the odd one    BUT!   should I also not get any winter work then they can find a different gardener for next year.

    Is it  funny that the last gardener was not doing a good enough job when really the customer is always taking liberties  can you just

    grass is always greener  

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