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    Are you sure there is not a leaking pipe?
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      Yeah, I just dug a hole there to see what the soil was like. There's probably about 4" soil then quarry dust not sure of the depth.
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    First thing I would do is cut all the grass off the concrete with a half moon so there is a small gap between the path and the grass so the water has chance to get onto the grass all the way along the edge.
    It will look loads better too!
    After that I'd be driving some holes into the turf along the edge to a foot or so into the lawn to at least 6 inches depth.
    Try it and see what comes
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      Thanks Richard, I will try that.
      I had suggested putting a flower bed in as a possible option because the gareden is just grass. They only moved in two weeks ago so are looking for other work to be done but this is top of there list, although I don't see it being a problem in the summer months.
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        It looks just like one I had in a customers garden a few years back.
        And that was a leaking pipe creating a sodden mess about a foot square maybe a bit more.
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          It goes the whole way along the path which is along the back of the house, probably about the same length o. The other side of the manhole.
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    I just thought I would point out the obvious that there is the sewerage system running along there somewhere before you go digging to forcefully :)

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      That could be the cause as well! Did not even notice that manhole cover!!!
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      I lifted the manhole ( not so nice!) the pipe doesn't seem to go in the directing of the lawn more towards the concrete.
  • A quick look at the fence line in the back ground shows that the lawn falls quite steeply toward the house and heavy rain will not have time to soak into the ground before finding it's way to the impermeable concrete path, which must slope away from the house, combining to create the problem you have.

    Good and regular aeration of the lawn will help, along with a shingle break along the path, but if the problem persists, a french drain and that inspection cover look very tempting to me - but I didn't say that!

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