Downsizing to a small van

Hi everyone

I've decided it's time to swap my gas guzzling Mitsubishi pick-up for something more economical.

I'm thinking of getting something like a Citroen Dispatch,Peugeot Expert or maybe a Ford Transit Connect,Renault Kangoo etc.Hopefully I'll have around 7K to spend on a low mileage second hand vehicle.

I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who has experience with these kind of vans or anything similar worth considering. The most important factors are fuel economy and I need to be able to carry a couple of 21" mowers plus a strimmer,blower etc. Eventually I'd probably get a trailer for it too so towing capabilities needs some consideration also.



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  • the electric battery powered kangoo looks good...very cheap second hand low mileage £4.5k although you have to rent the battery off renault...i like the pick ups myself if toyota came out with an electric hilux single cab i would buy it tomorrow

    • PRO

      I'm waiting for the widespread hydrogen rollout to come along. I'll jump on that at the first opportunity :-)

      • ha ha yes or wee/wee powered maybe with a generous subsidy for being an early adoptor, can i join the waiting list now please lol... how about grass clippings powered gardeners vehicles, theres some energy in that stuff, cooks up in a matter of hours

    • PRO

      Hadn't even considered anything like that to be honest.Interesting.

  • PRO

    You will not get 2 21" mowers in a Connect. I get 2 19" side by side in mine with strimmer, blower, toolbox etc.

    • its the dam wheel arches on a lot of these vehicles lol, the pickup is good as my ride on will fit a push, but usually 2 mowers side by side right against the tailgate, the handles over hanging the rear bumper, 21" and 17" cordlesses of which i use both on every job

      • Cordless mowers ??
        Prob me not reading it right ?
        • cordless mowers as in battery powered lol

    • PRO

      Thanks for that confirmation Mark. Is yours the short wheel base version and do you know what the MPG is like?

      • PRO

        short wheel base. No idea on the MPG as I never travel more than about 4 mile radius from home each day. Fill up once a month averages £35.00 / £40.00.

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