Domestic lawns, to stripe or not?

I only really have domestic customers at the moment, apart from a pub.

I'm looking at buying another mower to go with my Hayter Harrier. I was just wondering if you had any recommendations and for those that do the domestic lawns? Stripes or not is quite a big question in my mind that I can't make up!

At the moment I have a push Harrier 41 which can get hard work as the day goes on. When I worked as a groundsman they were all self propelled, which was much nicer but that was on a far bigger scale.



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              Baby Honda izy is what I use on small soggy lawns. 18 inch whatever that is in cm.
              On bit bigger lawns the etesia pro 46. It's been those 2 mostly this last month
              Push mower so really light.
              Pickup not brilliant but fine if not too long.
              Problem is you need about 6-6 mowers to cover everything
  • None of my customers ask for stripes but they get them! And they look great too! I feel it’s just so much better- totally and utterly self propelled- you must have enormous muscles pushing a mower around all day :)
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      No, I just come home feeling ruined!

      I like the stripes personally and I think  for the customer it looks impressive. I did a new job this week that would have been so much easier with out them mind as there were loads of features that made it awkward. 

      • I've got a Harrier 41 which is fine if dry but utterly useless in wet. I use my Honda Izzy in wet conditions as its superb and packs the bag so well I can hardly lift it!,
        Just got a Weibang with BBC and it's built like a tank and perfect for my big lawns as 3 speed, the highest of which is almost like jogging behind it. Massive bag which together with the speed knocks quite a bit if time off the cut. Leaves a good finish with its rubber flap but the harrier roller does look best ( if dry conditions). Good tip is to jet wash the bags every now and then plus underside of the decks as this makes a big difference to grass catching ability due to better airflow.
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          I have the Harrier 41 and it really is terrible in the wet. I nearly bought an Izzy but got a HRX476 instead, I hope that is as good as the Izzy.

          • Paul. I'm sure it will be. I only got the Izzy as apart from being good in the wet, it's ideal for the smaller gardens and has a really good mulching ability whi I use a lot as saves time emptying the bag. It's self propelled but I actually push it a lot of the time. I've also got a 53cm Alko which is now 5 yrs old but has proved to be a brilliant mower with mulch, side and rear discharge plus a big rigid box. Only got the Weibang because of its speed and a good discount.
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              Did you get the Izy mulching version or is it the normal one?

              • It's the mulching model with the two blade system. It's very effective and you can't see any cuttings provided grass isn't too long.
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          My 16" Izy is also very good in the wet and my favourite mower for the smaller lawns
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