Domestic lawns, to stripe or not?

I only really have domestic customers at the moment, apart from a pub.

I'm looking at buying another mower to go with my Hayter Harrier. I was just wondering if you had any recommendations and for those that do the domestic lawns? Stripes or not is quite a big question in my mind that I can't make up!

At the moment I have a push Harrier 41 which can get hard work as the day goes on. When I worked as a groundsman they were all self propelled, which was much nicer but that was on a far bigger scale.



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    100% stripes and 100% self propelled. 


    • As above - stripes!  We have Hayter Harrier 48's and 56. We are also trying an Atco liner 19", that's now done a season and a half, which picks up wet grass more efficiently than the Harriers.

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        Agree stripes all the way, self propelled too as decent machines are heavy.
        Blade brake clutch is useful too.
        I've got an izy for tiny lawns as a four wheeler and a mulcher as another 4 wheeler. But to look nice stripes are worth it!
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    I've been into several dealerships giving the lined up mowers a heft to see how heavy they are and how manoeuvrable they are to get off the truck and onto site, then back to the truck afterwards.

    I have not paid particular attention to the Hayter mowers, but looking at the specification they are reasonably light at 37 kg dry.

    I tried lifting a few Honda mowers, the larger Honda roller mowers weigh 53.5 kg dry.

    On my lawn at home the larger mower would save three passes and I know over a working day the time saved would add up, but the extra weight would slow down manoeuvring around the houses as well as making loading and unloading a bind with half as much weight again.

    Then of course the larger mowers cost half as much again as well.

    I have come to the conclusion if working around houses a smaller roller mower is probably the weapon of choice and if larger areas are to be cut then buy a bigger mower as well, possibly also a hover mower if the work dictates.

    Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawn Mower (375A) - Ron Smith & Co
    A 41 cm / 16 inch mower, this is the newest version of Hayter's Harrier 41. It features a variable speed self-propelled transmission and is the ideal…
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    Just recently i was converted to the idea of stripes on some domestic lawns and purchased a pre owned 14 inch qualcast /bosch classic cylinder mower , It fits in my small van nicely .  but like yourself i used bigger machines on large ornamental lawns ,but this little machine ticks all the boxes for my use .    

  • roller mower as you can get right up to the edge of the lawn without falling off thus making it quicker to do the lawn and self propelled as its no fun pushing a mower about all day in full sun (when we get it)try and make your working life as easy as poss.(its a hard life gardening) 

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    I agree too, stripes when and where possible and it's got to be self propelled can't imagine using a push mower all day.

    The majority of my customers are domestic and not 1 has asked for stripes but i think it looks better and more professional/finished job.

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    Stripes all the way! I recently traded in my Harrier 48 pro for a Weibang  48 pro, lovely stripes and amazing pick up compared to the Hayter. Thank you LYN for pointing me in the Weibang direction! And I got £400 for the Harrier!

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      LJN not LYN

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        Thanks folks.

        I like my stripes I must say! It does look like a more professional job in my opinion.

        So is somewhere around 48cm a good all round size? My 41 is a bit small I think.

        This is what it looks like (the bottom bit!)

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