Just been asked this on Twitter. I think the answer's no (from a legal perspective). However it's at least a good practice to get into.

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    My understanding it's a grey area - both the old COPR and the new COPPPP state you may need to display signs under these regulations if your risk assessments shows it necessary. The legalities if you do not are unclear.

    The safer/cleaner the product, the less need to worry about it - which is why using new formulations are preferred as many carry few use restrictions.

    If you buy cheap products (like older glypho) not only are they less safe to the operator, they take longer to dry and pose more risk to member so general public.

    We tend to use 2 large metal signs on entry to business parks and if necessary exclude areas with tape if products could cross- contaminate other areas (ie stepping off a treated path onto grass etc)

    We did originally use pesticide flags but almost impossible to get in UK now (also a great bit of advertising esp. if doing resi lawn care).

    Will be interested to hear other's view on this...........

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    You're right its not absolutely cut & dried as always - its implied...

    There is a requirement under 2012 PPP Regulations to make information available to the public. City & Guilds courses stress the importance of assessing risk - both to the operator, the environment and others in the environment -  its a valid answer to display signs when spraying is in progress or even inform members of the public prior to spraying (using a letter drop) near housing, public access, etc.

    Interestingly I was in Arras, France at the weekend - lots of farming activity. They seemed to have a common system of using empty herbicide bottles speared onto posts where their field ran along roads or paths....! Effective sign that spraying had been done, but hardly safe disposal!

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    I have never observed local franchise lawn care companies using signage re pesticide spraying. My company does not current use any but as I'm 100% domestic, the risk of contamination is reduced - also the resident knows of my visit date/time and gets after care advice stated from the quote stage and clearly stated on the invoice I provide on the visit. Plus if the resident is in, I will verbally reiterate the requirements keeping off the lawn, etc.

    I do like the USA way of the pesticide flags. 5 minutes of Googling that shows loads of companies making them of the lawn care industry. Seems we need to up the game in the UK for this. Another item for my "must get done" list! 

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