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Round these parts I have to use a trade waste disposal facility for garden waste. I have a van but with equipment in it there's not much space left for waste, especially if I want to reach my stuff. I have a small camping trailer, high sided, but between my van and trailer I can't carry enough waste to cost more than the minimum charge, by weight, at my local trade waste Center. Therefore I'm considering buying a tipping Ifor trailer, probably 10x6 or similar. Tipping the omsave time and sweat emptying, and bigger (with higher mesh sides) to carry more waste on each trip, therefore maximising value of each tip trip. However I don't want to tow the trailer everywhere, so would anticipate leaving it at home on the road (well locked up) and filling it up slowly until it's ready for a tip trip. Has anyone tried this? Does the smell of rotting vegetation cause neighbour issues? Does anyone use a yard of some kind for the trailer, if so how did you find it (they seem to be like rocking horse s**t round here)?

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    We use tipping trailers to store waste and then tip.

    It's amazing how much you can fit in - especially as grass clippings decompose! It can get a bit stinky though so best kept in a yard or farm etc rather than residential.
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      Cheers Nick, I agree ... just no idea how to find a yard or farm ... tried asking around but nothing ... gumtree, etc. nothing ...
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    Some areas have restrictions from running business activities from home, so check that first. Secondly, I would never, ever leave my 10x5 ifor unattended unhitched from my vehicle on a public road. If someone wants to nick it, they will, regardless of how well you think you've secured it. I'd find a friendly local farmer/yard owner and ask to keep it there and be sure to insure it.

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      I believe there is also a legal issue leaving a trailer / caravan, etc unhitched / parked on the highway.

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        Yes, I think your right and it's to do with an effectively uninsured 'vehicle' on the public highway.

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    try local independent garden centres / nurseries - around ourselves mid berkshire several rent out space for ad-hoc use for shipping containers, trailers, yards etc etc. One also processes green waste much more cost effectively than council centres.

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      Thank you very much for the invaluable advice, as always; it's much appreciated. I will change my goal to have the trailer in a yard or on some land, just gotta find some now :)
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    I get my money's worth when I fill my 16 by 6 ifor with high cages for £20. It's not a tipper but I'm allowed to use the tractor or digger to empty it.

    Never leave it unsecured on the road as they are very desirable to thief's.

    My vehicle insurance covers my trailers for an extra few quid a a month
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      Cheers Matt
  • Have you considered using a rubbish removel company we set up a deal with one by us .
    The way I looknow at it is the cost of the trailer + cost of waste charge + time to go to the tip .
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