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Hello Peeps,

I operate a garden maintenance and landscaping business in York, with around 150 regular customers. 

Lots of my customers are either regular mows (1-4 times a month), or regular maintenance (2-8 hours a week/month)

My problem is that I seem to miss out customers from time to time. You would think is a obvious as just writing the names on a page every 2 weeks say, but some how I miss people out.

I use a A4 paper diary and it gets pretty tedious writing the same name, address, job, price any special requirements over and over. Then I have to write the same information out for the guys who work for me.

My question is how do you keep track of your customers?

Ideally I'm thinking of using a iPad with a app that will replicate the details for me every week/fortnight/month. I can put my appointments and quotes in there and see if there is any space to add new customers. Even better, I could then select from a list of customers and add them to a schedule to be printed out, which i could then hand to an employee or even send it to them on a iPad or mobile phone.  

Sounds relatively simple to me but I cant seem to find anything remotely close.

Do you or do you know anyone with/uses a system like this.

Im happy to pay for it, also I think it would look more professional then just using paper based system.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance 

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  • Any software or App for work is fully tax deductible.

    • As is the tablet or device you use it on.
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        Apparently you can also take drawings from the bank in the form of wages.

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    i been looking at these field service apps over christmas and i going to go with powered now it offers what we need for most things 

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    ive got all my clients on an excel spread sheet ( towns in alphabetic order ) so easier to print off jobs when doing runs - although always on look out to see better ways of doing things

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    I signed up and paid for jobber in spring 2016. Its very professional and thorough. I really wanted to get very competent with it and so I input every customer detail etc etc into it which took a lot of time even though I am a one man band with a maximum of between 20 to 25 customers.

    Well, my confidence in it and my ignorance of the deep workings of this app started to become apparent. Although I had several one to ones on the jobber helpline. it would come with details that were plainly wrong that I had no idea how to change etc. These problems and glitches sort of multiplied. so that for instance it would inform me that certain customers owed me money even though, maddeningly, I had input the payment details and marked paid. The final straw was an uncomplicated invoice I had got up for a commercial client I wanted to impress. I had gone through it carefully, made sure everything was perfect and then emailed them. The next day when I popped in for my regular visit, they questioned why the invoice they had received was over 3 times the amount - I still don't know where or how jobber arrived at the figure. It shot my confidence in it. And before anyone suggests it I don't want to spend  further time looking at webinairs etc trying to master software that should be so much more intuitive...That's what I thought I was paying through the nose for! Dammit.

    Hence I haven't used jobber since. Months of not using it, what a waste of money and a whole load of frustration. I have looked at it since but of course now it says I have hundreds of jobs outstanding and payments etc etc. All I could possibly do is delete everything and start again which would again take many hours of work and I would probably end up with the same problems.

    I have been self employed a few times in the past and I've always been pretty well organised so I thought jobber would have produced even better, more slick results but not so in my case.

    Of course many people find it works very well for them - that's great. But how do they get to know how to use it effectively????

    I'm thoroughly disillusioned with it. 

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    I use GoJobber although it is a bit expensive, although biggest issue for me is it's cloud based meaning you can't access anything if you've a rubbish mobile signal. I trialled ServiceM8 recently which seems similar but with some major benefits, such as syncing your data and taking it offline with you ... a real boost for me in the rural areas.
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