Interesting conundrum - Do you pull over for blue lights and risk a Council fine or do not pull over and face possible Police action.

All is not as clear as one believes :

"Most drivers don’t realise that they can incur fines for not moving out the way of emergency services vehicles. Many are also unaware that overzealous local authorities are ready and willing to fine them if they move out of the way and end up somewhere they shouldn’t.

This week, GEM Motoring has launched its Blue Light Aware campaign to highlight how to make way for emergency services safely and effectively – and without doing something that will result in a fine.

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  • a few years back I had a ambulance come up behind me in road works that was down to a single lane for a couple of miles with a 50 mph limit I did speed up to 60 as there was no ware to get out of the way but I was unshore  as what to do  

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    what a load of b.....cks -  being an efad driver (Emergency fire appliance driver) we've had sufficient training to know what we as a driver can and can't do. From our perspective obviously we know what we are driving to, and hence i will drive more urgently to something more serious like a fire - persons reported or RTC persons trapped as appose to a fire alarm actuating or a person stuck in lift. 

    Did you know all blue light drivers are not allowed to push you through a red light at jct. They must stop turn off two tones and wait for you to make a safe manoeuvre when the lights are green. 

    When your the driver moving out the way, i will always move out the way and make sufficient judgment call. Most people don't know what to do anyway when a blue light vehicle come up your arse, some just stop,!!! some pull up when you have nowhere to get around them, and when you want them to drive so you can just pull around them they don't. 

    Cant see this coming off personally, but when some local authorities are fining for putting stuff in the wrong coloured bins - maybe i can !


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    Unfortunately there have been a number of cases in London where less than scrupulous Councils have proceeded with fines due to video evidence of drivers doing the right thing but entering bus lanes or junctions.

    I think they are trying to educate people thru such schemes which can only be a good 'move'....
  • I am a retired Police response driver and during my 15 years service, I must have responded to thousands of immediate response calls.

    It is frustrating and often dangerous for us when drivers fail to move aside or suddenly apply their brakes hard, coming to dead stop in the middle of the road. The worst are those who simply don't hear the sirens or even see our flashing lights when we are behind them.

    However, in all my years of service, I have never prosecuted anyone for failing to move and neither had any of the officers on my division (That I know of).

    The Council however are an entity to themselves. We used to regularly receive speed camera/ traffic light tickets from the Council, despite it being obvious that our vehicles were lit up like Christmas trees. We had to respond to each ticket providing evidence of our call out via the computer logs although many were screened out automatically, we still found ourselves at the mercy of a fine in cases where the controller has not added us to the log.

    So in essence I think there's more to fear from local authority tactics than via the emergency services, unless of course the driver in front, causing the obstruction, does something stupid, dangerous or illegal. Even then though, the emergency response would come first and any offences would be considered later.

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