Dealing with racist or offensive clients

So you've signed the contract, work has begun, money has been spent on behalf of the client.

Out of the blue, during a conversation, the client decides that it is acceptable to use offensive and/or openly racist terms.

Not sure about anybody else, bit since that idiot referendum, people seem to think it is acceptable again...

How does anybody else deal with it?

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  • Thanks all. I will take your advice. 

    To fill in the blanks, I have noticed a fair amount of anti-eastern Europe crap flying about. Invasions, stealing jobs, work, homes, air, water, lifeforce, NHS, shopping, sunlight, language, etc. etc.

    However, this has on a couple of occasions, wandered into 'darkies' (or other derogatory terms) territory.

    I do not in any way provoke or encourage such conversation. It has been ventured as a subject when asked about other gardening competition etc. Or, randomly, how did I vote etc. 

    I do deflect by staying on a very strict subject of gardening, however, it is something that arises randomly...

    It must be something about the Sussex and Surrey air, brings out the rabid NAZI.

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      You honestly think it’s not always been there and far worse in the past than it is now?
      • I am aware it is a human trait to find difference a threat. 

        I am taken aback that it is becoming so seemingly acceptable again!

        I thought those days were left behind in the 1970's...

        Hence my asking advice from other professionals how to deal with it in a polite yet forthright manner. My natural reaction is to shy away from confrontation. 

        I note other people have come across it otherwise they wouldn't say to simply ignore it...

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          To be honest I’ve never had it happen at work so I’m lucky maybe or maybe it’s not that bad.
          There has been an upsurge online I think (not on here I will add!)
          Living in Lincolnshire I have heard things on the streets from people obviously out of work as they complain about polish and other Eastern Europeans “stealing” their jobs.
          Not much though
  • It's interesting what some people think of as 'racism' to others it's just 'discussion'.  IMO,  'Stealing jobs' etc is just an opinion and if you disagree, then put your point of view forward. 

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      I call what I’ve heard racism in that context as just because words along the lines of “Eastern European ******** stealing our jobs” suggests it. That’s also ignoring the fact that the type of people I’ve heard say it won’t do the jobs that these immigrants do here in Lincolnshire. The ag work being the main one
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        To add to that the funniest one (if you can call it that!) was that they steal our benefits!
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          Made me laugh mate...
    • It is racism because people are pushing forward the 'origin' of people as a negative. ie' The "Polish coming here"... etc. 

      I have never heard people whinging about men from Yorkshire / Northumberland coming down south stealing our jobs etc. 

      If they have a good work ethic that's excellent, we want more of that in our gene pool. If they are crap, then excellent, more money for those of us that are good and can repair the damage done by their ineptitudes.

      I'd like to add, I doubt there are many MP's in the UK who were born in their representative boroughs..."bleedin' outsiders representing us in parliament to our German Queen etc..." 

      There are two truths.

      1. The global economy has been based on importing cheap labour for hundreds if not thousands of years. Either skill up or learn to compete on their level.

      2. Dismissing someone's entrepreneurial intent based purely on their racial heritage is racism.

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    What is the definition of Racism ?

This reply was deleted.

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