Dealing with racist or offensive clients

So you've signed the contract, work has begun, money has been spent on behalf of the client.

Out of the blue, during a conversation, the client decides that it is acceptable to use offensive and/or openly racist terms.

Not sure about anybody else, bit since that idiot referendum, people seem to think it is acceptable again...

How does anybody else deal with it?

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    All depends on the severity of the remarks?
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    Not something I've come across meself I think id just tend to ignore the remarks, get on with the job, and dismiss the whole thing. Someone who gives you their full outlook within 2 minutes of meeting is probably not worth engaging with.
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    Just a thought, are you telling me you've heard of rule no1 of garden projects i.e. Always, always, always ask a client if they have deer or rabbit issues in their gardens, but you've never come across rule No2, always, always, always do a full background check on prospective clients backgrounds when it comes to using offensive and/or openly racist remarks??? I truly am shocked.....;-)
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  • One comment about race can be ignored.

    Continued references I have verbally objected to and challenged.

    One specific client took exception to my challenge...

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      So either walk away or ignore
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    If they were ongoing not just a one off I would leave and let them know their behaviour is unacceptable in this day. If everyone who came in contact with this behaviour made a point that it is not right I think they would have to adjust their behaviour and maybe just maybe might reconsider their opinions.
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      Really depends on whats said - in what way - and your own  sensitivity/ stance.

      I think there's a lot of intolerance building these days, but also a lot of bad humor / in appropriate 'banter'. 

      I guess you have to draw your own line for if the comments are too far / unpleasant and then make your own stance clear and request they cease. 

      Surely if they have upset you / offended you - its possible to continue the job without a huge amount of - off topic chat ?  We dont really need to discuss any non project related things with a client ?

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    Encourage them to get on Facebook / Twitter voicing these brilliant ideas.. pretty sure you get arrested for online racial hatred these days...
  • If you find it that offensive, then tell them so. Otherwise, just get on with the job and limit the conversation.

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