Cracked and split skin on hands?

Hey everyone, I've only been back in the gardens a week and already my fingers and hands are splitting all over , I use hand creams as much as any man would dare but it's not touching the dryness of the skin. Is anyone else been having this problem? I have used second skin loads in the past to try and seal up the cracks but there must be a better way forward? Many thanks Harry

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    Try O'Keefes working hands cream, only round a fiver. I've the same problem and seems to be working well.
  • Vaseline intensive care works well for me and new skin for cracked fingers 

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    Great replies, I have nothing to lose so I'm m going to try everything advised, no half measures, thank you everyone...
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      I use O'Keeffe's as well, I really like it. I also take a multivitamin and extra vitamin D at this time of year. It fairly easy to become deficient in the B vitamins as well apparently.  What about gloves? Have you tried Showa Floreo lightweight? I find I can wear them for all my jobs because they are so lightweight. 

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    Badger Balm for Hard Working Hands works really well, and it comes in a handy tin you can put in your pocket. Seems expensive, but you only need a bit each time as it goes a long way. It's made of natural ingredients too. 

    Regarding immunity, don't forget iron levels, along with vitamins. I spent over a year getting cold after cold before finding my iron was way down. Once I started iron supplements, I stopped getting colds.

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    I swear by Neutrogena Norwegian formula concentrated. It's unscented and a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit goes a long way. It's not greasy and "dries" quickly.

    Carry a tiny tube in my pocket, a larger one in the van and a similar in the bathroom at home.

    All the chapped and cracks have gone.

    Now I never, in a million years, thought I'd ever be discussing hand care and creams on this site or in any context come to that!
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      I've used Neutrogena Norwegian in the past too. I'd forgotten about it till you mentioned and I agree. Only a tiny amount needed, works really well and you don't get that slippery, waxy feel you get with O'Keefe's.

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    I have had awful skin on my hands the past few weeks, so the pharmacist recommended me O'Keeffes working hands like a few people here have mentioned. Must admit, after only a couple of days using it, it has worked wonders already. May buy another tub, one for home, one for the van.

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    Quick update on hands, although early days, I am now using aqueous emollient cream, conditioner when I have a shower, OKeefs working hand cream and wearing waterproof gloves when needed. My hands are beginning to improve, so fingers crossed it's happy days.. many thanks everyone, Harry
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      To add, I have also considerably increased my daily vitamin intake, a long term investment in my health..:-)
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