Hi guys I would love to see some pictures of the Weibang cut and finish on a lawn!

I know some of you probably aren't cutting lawns at the moment but I don't know if you have some old pictures maybe?

Thanks :)

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      • Set on second to lowest cut and fastest forward speed, found it very maneuverable on the end riggs . 

        • Overall very impressed but jury is still out until I see how my Mountfield SP 505 copes with what's left to cut, had hoped to do it today but it's still being serviced despite being told it would be ready Saturday.Will post pictures once done .

          Would also be interested to see hoe the New model Mountfield SP 505 with the "twin clip" copes with it so phoned up nearest dealer , salesman busy on another call but as of yet he;s not phoned back !!

          Weight wise not as bad as I feared, fitted into my Combo van easily by closing the handles over then pushing it up the ramp I have and was easy to push over our gravel pathway 

      • There and back was a 3/4  catcher and was done in 3 rd fastest gear, lower would have been better.

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          how come you didnt go for the pro version ben.

          • It was a Legacy on demo as he didn't have any Pro's made up, would probably go for the Pro .

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    Anyone know who imports Weibang mowers ;) ?

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    Hi everyone, I spoke to my local weibang dealer and surprisingly he said to me that although good mowers and improving constantly he has had numerous contractors bring their weibang pro mowers in after a period of about a year and a half with issues surrounding the drive system, he has said they are a great mower for the price, but aren't without their longer term faults, cheers Harry
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      How old is the oldest Weibang Pro roller mower on LJN?
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