Hi guys I would love to see some pictures of the Weibang cut and finish on a lawn!

I know some of you probably aren't cutting lawns at the moment but I don't know if you have some old pictures maybe?

Thanks :)

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  • Being realistic, nearly all mowers will produce a nice cut with a sharp blade and ideally a roller...... I don't reckon a photo is anything really to go on. Wet collection, reliability and weight are the critical things in my opinion.  I also prefer things that are mechanically "simple"........... I've a simple belt drive on my Masport............ totally reliable......... no gearbox........... still on the original belt after 10 years.  The wet collection is certainly an important part here but there's no way I'd touch a machine with this weight for domestic gardens where there often lots of tight maneuvering involved............ with my machine, I can comfortably lift it out from the side door with no ramps.  

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      Not in the wet they don't, in fact I'd go as far as saying that 95% of roller mowers do a piss poor job of cutting lawns in the wet and leaving a good finish. It's not just the cut I would like to see pictures of, i would also like to see a pic of the grass bag and how full you can get it with soaking wet grass stuffed in by its high lift blade etc...
  • Have arranged with the Dealer to demo the Legacy 48 out here at home, have steps and gravel to try it over re weight and manoeuvre ability  plus some grass I left over from last Autumn so will do some before and after pictures, on Tuesday

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      Cheers Ben...
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        Weibang Legacy 48 Pro BBC pedestrian mower - image: HWWeibang Legacy 48 Pro BBC pedestrian mower - image: HW

        A professional gardener seeking a striped effect from a rotary mower should be sure to take a closer look at the Legacy. The price makes it particularly attractive.

        Powered by the same Kawasaki engine as the Virtue Pro, it also benefits from a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant aluminium cutter deck, but it has a blade brake clutch and the gearbox features three speeds as well as solid aluminium case construction. It comes with a three-year warranty.

        Cutting height adjustment is provided by a single lever and gives a generous 11 positions (13-67mm).

        "It's well built, a little heavy, but the handlebar is adjustable so you find the right height and balance to counter the extra weight," says Ekin. "It will cut low and I am impressed with the finish it gives."

        Cutter deck: Aluminium
        Engine: Kawasaki FJ 180V-AM74
        Cutting width: 48cm
        Power drive: Three-speed
        Cutting height adjustment: Single lever, 11 positions, from 67mm down to
        Cutting system: Cut and collect
        Roller: Heavy-duty double ratchet
        Weight: 65.6kg
        Price: £1,099 including VAT
        Tel: Rochford Garden Machinery - 01963 828000

        Review Panel

        Mike Baldwin, director of horticulture, Broomfield Campus, Derby College

        Mark Ekin, lecturer, Broomfield Campus, Derby College

        Walk-behind rotary mowers are used by contractors, groundsmen and professional gardeners. The huge variety makes them indispensable. Most are wheeled, but there are models with rear rollers. Most provide rear collection, but there are ones that give side discharge or will mulch. With models available that can handle the rough, present stripes on a lawn, nip in and out of obstacles or clip off young growth on an establishing sward, this is one of the most versatile mowers.

        The testers were joined by horticulture students charged with an assignment looking at mower specifications for different tasks. Test conditions were less than perfect. Heavy rain.

  • Heres a review of the 56.............. not quite the same machine but should give a good idea of things

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    This finish was produced by the Atco Liner 22SH


  • The key with the Weibang is the build quality for me!

    Some mowers in that price bracket have a steel deck and plastic wheels. The Weibang has an aluminium deck with aluminium wheels and like Graham Taylor said in his reviews proper bearings! You can feel the quality as soon as you grab the machine.

    The three year professional warranty just backs up the machines durability and strength!

    I haven't used a roller mower that comes close to the collection performance of the Weibang Roller machines! Although heavy I found it no problem to manoeuvre thanks to the split roller.

  • Right first of all not the best of lawns, normally run over this with JD ride on and not been cut since early Dec. 

    This is the result in the fastest speed and the bag was pretty much 7/8 full when the chute blocked, so fairly impressive as grass was sopping wet with heavy dew 

    • Into some more challenging grass, very mossy underneath ( job to be done soon ) went in the second fastest gear and 3 swipes saw the catcher half full and blocked up. Showed this picture to the dealer and he was sure in lowest gear it wouldn't have blocked

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