• Very good Robbie the only thing was getting your blogs ???
  • Your blog isn't displaying posts
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    Hi looks good, one thing I did notice is that you have aeration mentioned and then say it's for letting water in which it does but my impression of aeration is letting oxygen in and co2 out.
    Maybe Ibe got the wrong end of the stick and it is a long time since I was told helping dad out with the coring machine at the golf club he used to work at so I may have remembered incorrectly.
    On a side note I'm having a site built at the moment as I have no clue, my question is what would a blog gain me as I'm not really very good at these things social media wise and I'm struggling to see a benefit from it. Thanks Richard
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    I like the look of the site and the menus, content is very good.

    From a design point of view my constructive criticisms would be that your company logo is too small. I would also make sure that all the fonts are the same as I noticed that some parts have a different font, for example the request a call back box. Also the size and colour of the fonts should have a uniformed look as in my opinion it looks like a more professional site. The mission statement in the about us page is in black text on a charcoal background and could prove hard to read for some people.

    Just my opinions but hope this helps.

    Best Wishes



  • Robbie, I like the site. Here are a couple of points but I think you are probably on your way to them anyway.

    One very important job still outstanding is to proof read it. You have put a lot of effort into the text and links and have made changes as a result. The reason this is obvious is that there are mixed tenses and other basic grammatical errors which are most likely as a result of the changes being made without noticing the grammatical errors such changes always produce.

    Some of the site internal links are at best shaky (only some of the blog posts' links fail, but there are non-blog links to check too).

    My final point is not so much to with the site directly as the social media links from it. Do you have the time to keep all of those media active? If you have somebody to help or do it for you fine. Otherwise, it may be sensible to work out which are most likely to produce results and concentrate on those. Or to test a small number for a couple of months, keep any that are producing and replace any others with new ones for testing.

    Sorry, final final point - does thatching really occur beneath the soil? I believe it is at the surface, as you have said in one part but contradicted in another. Added to which some thatch is desirable, or sun bakes the roots and rain washes nutrients straight through. Amend those bits? Maybe better to just mention that thatch on a cultured lawn (as opposed to meadow) requires careful management because too thick or too thin can do harm?

  • pictures to small only thing i really noticed

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    Hi Robbie, Its not easy to upload photos from my iPad so I have emailed you 3 screenshots of problems with display when viewed on my iPad.
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      I think iPads and tablets bring thier own problems for loads of websites. LGN being one of them(not so much now on v3)
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    Hi guys thanks for the feed back, yes I thin the logo is to small but unfortunately the template I am using stops me from making it any bigger. 

    The blog requires much more work, I find writing blog posts takes so much time for me anyway and have have what seems like a million ideas but just getting them down on paper, well I'm not so good at that bit...

    I also need to do a blog for resent jobs.

    Mike - My partner does the social media aspect for me, if I was doing it all myself I wouldn't have time to do the real work! It also seems to be very important to be on twitter these days, and its something i am not...

    I will re-check all the links I had thought I had got most of them.

    Thanks everyone for the help


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