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    Probably....... But too heavy? Also the slot would be blocked at the bottom.<br />
    Why not either a wooden slotted post(though with the same blockage.
    Or dig the hole as normal?
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      Agree with Richard, it'll probably fit but I would have thought it would be to heavy..
  • a met post will struggle with a timber post. to try and use a concrete one would be a disaster waiting to happen. metposts are useful for one thing. scrap. what are you trying to achieve, there will be a better solution

  • Thanks guys, that was part of my concern. A construction company i'm doing work for has specified concrete posts. I will have to have another word with them.

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      If they want metal posts they will have to pay for the holes to be dug!!
      More to the point I doubt they would fit anyway as they are tapered aren't they?
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    what is the surface you want to bolt the met post on to ? can it not be excavated to receive the concrete post ?

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    The only way to fit concrete posts to a concrete surface is to cut a square hole, insert the cut down concrete post and re-instate. If you know what you're doing and have the gear it's quicker than digging a normal hole. Use fast-set cement 3:1 with ballast with SBR in the mix. Looks the business too.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Thermo. Nothing says 'bodger' than metposts. Unless you're using resin anchors they always come loose, and if you do use resin anchos a strong cross-wind can easily tear the metal with that kind of leverage on it.

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    Hi Andrew

    The answer is almost certainly no because:

    1.  Concrete posts are sized 105mm x 95mm, typically so wont fit the Metpost Anchor properly.

    2.  As others have stated it will be too heavy, the socket will not be strong enough to take all the weight.

    At Fencing Essentials we stock a wide range of Metpost products, they are a good product but have their limitations.

    Take a look at our website to view the range.

  • Certainly wouldn't want to be walking past when the shoe broke!
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    I agree with thermo.. I wouldn't even consider using met posts on timber fencing let alone concrete fencing. 

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