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I've been approached to have a look and quote for maintenance of a small hotel on an airport complex - no grass cutting as the airport look after it.

Work is shrub maintenance, flowers, replanting as required. Had a quick look at photo's of the complex and it looks fairly everyday stuff, and a nice environment to work in so it has got my attention.

I've not quoted for any commercial work and don't know how to go about it. Is there a list of docs and policies I am likely to need floating around on LJN?

Should I be asking who maintains it now, ball park budget, how often current staff visit to maintain, that sort of thing to get a feel for how it is run, or is that a bit too much? 

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    For me, with any work like this you need to understand from the customer what they are looking for and why they want to change. Identify what you need to sell against or how will you know what ticks their boxes? Customers need a compelling reason to move from their existing supplier and that reason is rarely price alone

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    Thanks Ian, been and had a chat, wasn't price, last gardener fell out over payment terms. He wanted 7 days, they do 30 days, and they couldn't find a happy medium so he walked. 

    I have a plan for the site, they would like a quote. I'm thinking.....

    Site visit once a month to have a look around, plan the work, check for growth, weeds etc.

    Quote for day rate, half day rate and spraying. 

    Indicate seasonal highs and lows.

    Outline the various items of work, for ex hedge trim, shrub pruning leaf removal, weed treatment etc.

    Does that sound sensible?

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      Sounds sensible but there may be another way to skin the cat...I suspect the customer might appreciate knowing what it woill costs each month and that monthly payment being fixed. Perhaps you could work out what would need doing, cost it for 2 years and then dvide by 24 months. Agree with the customer a 2 year contract with monthly set payments and outline everything that will be covered - and what will be excluded (try to limit this). They get a fixed fee, you get security of a contract so can resource accordingly and if they break the contract you need to know they terms - notic eperiod and payment for work completed but not covered by the annual plan

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