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    Ian, I'd guess attachment is not engaging properly before you tighten t bar. The female end in the power unit had little ramps built in to try and make the attachment engage in any orientation but doesn't always work.

    You try blipping throttle or manually turning attachment so the my mesh.

    You do get used to it.... :)
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    One thing to check is that the head of the unit is actually attached to the shaft properly at the head end? Other than that it's as Gary has said... good luck
    • Took top off and re tightened seems fine now
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    are the grey plastic inserts worn? Sit power unit vertically and push the attachment down firmly so it fully engages...its probably because its so new...not locating properly, as GRK said......I had the opposite problem, too much use caused a slack shaft..(no sniggering)...

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      You need your shaft 'nip & tucked' then or a new 'end' ..... :D
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    I bought some extra pins just in case for repair on the run
This reply was deleted.

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