Cobra Mowers

Having been at the football yesterday at the mighty AFCB I noticed the groundsmen, at the end of the game are now using Cobra Mowers, looking them up today they look fair bits of kit. ?? Any viewsI noticed they are drive shaft driven which I like, better than the chains coming off all the time on the Hondas we use, and the fan assisted pick up looks good, if it works, was looking at 19-21 inch roller versions but see you can only get Honda engine on the 21 inch which is a shame, the 19 inch has a Subaru which I know nothing about.Would love to know if anyone out there is using them ???? Or thinking of changing over to them.Thanks for any replies chris

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  • Pretty sure it's been discussed many times. Although they are very heavy? 65kg+?
    • Can't seem to find any threads
      • Use the search function for Cobra Mower. Lots of threads on there!
        • Yeah seen that but not on people actually using them
          • Someone had one on demo I believe didn't they?
  • PRO

    The Cobra's 21" pro's are another derivative of the 'Honda Pro' line - same machine, different badge.

    Currently running the Lawnflite Pro version ourselves, good machine, but heavy - wet collection (with a few tweaks) far surpasses even the older Hayter 56's. Will likely buy the Cobra variant if/when the Lawnflites are retired as our local dealer now sells the Cobra (and has shifted quite a lot of the 21" pro's with no returns).

    This collection ability was proven last week when the Lawnflite was still currently and collecting near perfectly in teeming drizzle on the Tuesday but the older Hayter Harrier wasn't reaching the end of the lawns on the Thursday before clogging up and I REALLY missed the blade brake clutch by the end of the day!

    Be interested to see if the Cobra's heavy duty/fast ground speed gearbox is better aso ur (admittedly older) Lawnflite does have to have regular gearbox overhauls. 

    • Thanks it looks like the pick up will be half decent on the Cobra
      • The Cobra is the obsolete version of the Honda Pro as far as I'm aware.

        For the same money you can get the newer version such as the Kubota. Improved gearbox, apparently, and you can spot the newer versions by the later handle control set up.

        You can easily speed up the engines on these machines once run in, so speed isn't an issue.

        One other thing to consider, the "pro" versions of the older Kaaz/Lawnflite/Cobra mowers only have the front bar and the extra handle supports over the ordinary versions. I've run both, and there is no reason to pay the extra in my opinion: the handles are strong as anything out there without the extra bracing, and the front bumper is not needed on such a strong chassis. If you really need them, buy a cheap scrapper off ebay and fit the extra parts.

        • I agree with that, I like the fan assisted and the drive shaft, chains always coming off are Hondas due to design
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