I am really struggling to find suitable footwear and clothes, especially hardwearing trousers. 

As I am smallish 5'3 foot and have a small shoe size 5, I really struggle to find suitable safety wear.

Currently I stick to Craghoppers for the clothes and any random trekking type boots. This year I will have worn out 5 pairs of boots. 

Any tips how the other lady gardeners fare? What is your best/fave clothing kit?

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    • Yes, ordered catalogue. Cannot wait. Will be looking for winter gear and winter boots.

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      I have the shoe version of that, about a year old now  and they're still fine for another season maybe, will be getting some more when these go!

  • I bought my last two pairs of trousers from Dickies and they have been fine. One pair has pockets in the knee area to fit knee pads into and they work a dream.
    I'm 5ft 2ins!
    But now I'm looking for a warm, waterproof jacket for Autumn/winter?!
  • So, I've ordered the catalogue too, excited!!
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    Another vote for Engelbert Strauss - not only good range of sizes and quality, but good choice of colours. So, you can if you wish, generate a colour theme as part of your professional branding and then stick to it. Plus they will do embroidery with your logo. Slightly more expensive, but will last longer.

    • Yes, lots of colours. Good stuff in there. Its like Christmas.

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        I know this is an old post but I'm struggling with shorts! I buy men's but I'm inbetween sizes and they're either too big or don't do up, it's driving me mad.

        I also want to buy some Strauss boots but would really need to try about three pairs to get the best fit. Did you end up buying any and what's the sizing like? Any idea on cost of returning items

        • I ended up buying boys trekking boots at JD sports I think. I dont do shorts as I dont like insects or stuff sticking to my legs. So I bought tropical trekking pants from Craghoppers. Buy larger size and take to a tailor to make them fit.

  • Look out for the Craghoppers pro stretch, lightweight, dry quickly and a lot better cut than the kiwis, they literally cling to you like a glove and they also do a winter lined version
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    Only ever returned 1 set of things to Engelbert quite a while ago. From memory each order has a pre-printed return slip. So it was just back in packaging, and put the return slip on the outside. Can't remember there being a payment - think the slip covered it.

    We've used Engelbert for ladies clothing in a small way, and it's as good as the menswear.

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