I am really struggling to find suitable footwear and clothes, especially hardwearing trousers. 

As I am smallish 5'3 foot and have a small shoe size 5, I really struggle to find suitable safety wear.

Currently I stick to Craghoppers for the clothes and any random trekking type boots. This year I will have worn out 5 pairs of boots. 

Any tips how the other lady gardeners fare? What is your best/fave clothing kit?

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    I'd have a look in Engelbert Strauss. Order online only, but I've got 4 Jumpers and a pair of boots (which have lasted 12 months so far and I'll be getting another when these wear out) all good quality and in a lot of sizes. I do know that they also have a womens section but where its of the same range I can't say.

    • @ Seth

      Thanks for the tip. Just looked. I could kick myself, as just bought a load of new trousers and shirts etc from Craghoppers. Anyway these ES people have exactly what I am looking for. Just hope the leg length is not too long otherwise have to take them to the local seamstress. At least its another expense to reduce the tax bill.

  • I get the security military cargos off eBay for £8 and never look back. Got to have a good search first to find the proper ones but they do the trick and last ages.
    Tbh boots are another thing is get off eBay unless they're chainsaw boots. There's some really nice timberland style ones for £30 and they've lasted me since November in wet horrible weather and are still sound
    • I bought the boots off Amazon, but sizing is such a pain. It seems that sizes are not universal even if the description states so. Always have to order more than one size to get a pair which fits.

      I had a brilliant pair of Bergmans I think they were called some years back. Ruined them by falling into a pond. They lasted years. 

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    Have you tried Meindl boots? I go through a pair every 2 years I reckon, no other boots have lasted me so long, I second Seth's Engelbert Strauss for boots also.... ;-)
    • Thanks, I will check them out too. Being girly I like a set of 3 to 4 boots on the go, to give them a chance to dry out. I hate nothing more than having to wear the same set of boots every day.

  • 5 pairs of boots in a year is pretty impressive!! I always get mine on pair will last the Summer and they're usually less than £15 a pair, steel toecaps, and thats including the postage. They get a lot of heavy use and even wear them when I'm not working as they're so comfy.  Heres the sort of shoes I go for; and these are exceptionally cheap.

    • Yeah, but they are not what I class as boots. I need ankle supports. They have saved me some time from being laid off due to injury. But those were the early days when I took on every job I could get. I stay away from gardens where I can see serious health issues.

      • I like the shoe style rather than boots as I can get them on and off without undoing the laces...... how's that for lazyness!!!  (I also find them more comfy)

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    I've 'lived' in this style of lightweight, highly water resistant, breathable ankle boots for over 10 years and have typically 2 or 3 pairs on the go at any one time, giving them the opportunity to air/dry out. They go down to size 3, so asume suitable for ladies?

    On the whole, Englebert Strauss gear ( ask for hard copy catalog, it's like Christmas shopping :) is 110%, firmly beliving that you get what you pay for and when you are in boots & clothing for 5-6 days a week, 50+ weeks of the year, it's as an important choice as 'What Van' or 'What Mower' :)

    p.s. they do discount prices for multiple items

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